A Yankee Doodle Hilton Head Family Reunion

July 27, 2019

A Yankee Doodle Hilton Head Family Reunion


4th of July “Flag Fruit Tray” to go along with our
Independence Day breakfast.

Family Reunion Week is one of my favorite times of year!  It is such fun to get together with my kiddies and their families, and enjoying time together!  


 A family photo from last year’s family reunion.
July 3, 2018

Read about last year’s family fun in Minnesota, here.

This year my crew gathered on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for 4th of July Week, with each family “unit” planning/hosting one day’s-worth of activities and meals.
It was a week filled with family fun and delicious meals.


An Evening Family Photo on the Beach
July 4th, 2019

I invite you to relax for a few minutes, grab a glass of iced tea, put your feet up,
and join me in looking through this year’s 4th of July Week photo album.

IMG_3741 2.jpeg

Grab a glass of iced tea, and take a few moments to join me
in looking through our 4th of July Week photo album. 

The metal iced tea sign, above, is one of my favorite Marty Mummert pieces.
Read more about sign artist Marty Mummert here, and here, and here.

Photo Album

Friday, June 28

IMG_4372 2.jpeg

Everyone, including our grand daughter,
was busy getting ready for our special week. :o)

Saturday, June 29


The first to arrive (the night before), our grand son entertains his little sister. 


More of the “troops” arrive.
Enjoying a pleasant lunch near the water at Skull Creek Boathouse.


Skull Creek even had activities for the children.  :o)


Skull Creek Boathouse tees for sale.


Pool time became a favorite daily activity.

IMG_4397 2.jpeg

A sleepy grand daughter relaxes by the pool with her gammy/me.

IMG_4395 2.jpeg

Dale happily opens a belated Father’s Day gift;
a photo canvas of our daughter and Dale running on the Hilton Head beach
in November 2018.

Sunday, June 30


The day begins with an early morning beach stroll.

Chandler and Elisa, and Kali, had arrived late the night before.
They were also “hosts” for the day.


Preparing Elisa’s family’s Gigi Cream Cheese, her late grandmother’s
recipe, for us to spread on toasted bagels for breakfast.
It was delicious! I plan to make this often!

See the bottom of this post for the recipe for Gigi Cream Cheese.

The pair also prepared yummy buffalo chicken dip for lunch,
and tasty chicken walking tacos for dinner!


Playing KanJam

You can read about how to play KanJam, here.

IMG_4454 2.jpeg

We rounded out the evening by enjoying a sunset view.

Monday, July 1


Our daughter is ready for a swim!


We all enjoyed the community pool.


The youngest of our group was fascinated by the splash pad.


Cooling off at the splash pad.


The lazy river was a big hit, too.


After some time at the community pool,
everyone voted to come back to the private pool and relax.


Tanya and her crew prepare a delicious spaghetti and meatball dinner.



Tuesday, July 2


Kayaking was Tuesday’s first activity.


Paddles ready?


Row, row, row your boat…


Our daughter and son-in-law, the “hosting” couple for the day,
treated us to a delicious meal at
Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks,
a true Hilton Head Island institution.

Read more about Hudson’s in my previous blog, here and here.


Seeing Spiderman: Far From Home rounded out our day.

Wednesday, July 3

Dale and I enjoyed hosting on Wednesday and Thursday.

IMG_4558 2.jpeg

Dale, busy making his homemade buttermilk pancakes for breakfast.


Always delicious!

For Dale’s pancake recipe, click here.


Everyone (some rather creatively) pitched in to help get our gear to the beach. :o)


Taking a break from the beach,
and enjoying the cooler temperature under the beach canopy.
Living only a couple of hours from Hilton Head, Eric (on the left),
happily joined us that morning, and Eric’s girlfriend would join us later in the day.


I did a little cookbook reading under the beach canopy.


A view from the water, back toward the beach


I prepared Frogmore Stew for dinner.

Find the recipe for Frogmore Stew, here.


Frogmore Stew was a hit. :o)


There was none left over!


4th of July embellished ice cream bars were our dessert.
Kali wishes that she could have one. :o)

Thursday, July 4


Four of our more ambitious family members decided to begin this
4th of July by running the HHI Firecracker 5K!


A selfie before the run


Two fashionable runners


Running the HHI Firecracker 5K on a hot 4th of July


A red, white, and blue breakfast tray

IMG_4600 2

Chillin’ to a little classic Batman.


Enjoying a little 4th of July outlet mall shopping.


Dale’s famous grilled burgers and hot dogs for dinner.


Enjoying some 4th of July Fireworks

Friday, July 5


Ready for some of that tasty Salty Dog cuisine.


A meal with a view, out on the deck


All smiles, having spent their honeymoon on Hilton Head Island in 2013.


Elisa is checking out the alligator teeth at this display.


Tanya, who does hula hoop as part of her exercise routine, “compares notes” with this Harbour Town statue.


Enjoying some Dole Whip at the Hilton Head Island Disney Resort.


A mile marker sign at Hilton Head Island Disney Resort


Watching scary Jaws from the pool, once all the packing up (for home) is done.

Saturday, July 6


Saying good-bye to Hilton Head Island, and Family Reunion 2019.


Gigi Cream Cheese



2-8 ounce block, 1/3 less-fat cream cheese

1-10 ounce jar of sliced green olives stuffed with minced pimentos, do not use the juice.
(Do not drain, as you will have some left over to put in the refrigerator for later.)

1-2.25 ounce can black olives, drained

1-bunch of green onions/scallions, cleaned and chopped
(I look for the variety grown in the U.S.) 

bagels, mini-bagels, or crackers


Mash up cream cheese with a fork.

Add olives and scallions to your liking.

Serve on toasted bagels, or mini-bagels.
Would also be good on crackers.

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A great big thank you to my family members for contributing many of the photos in this blog post, and for graciously allowing me to use your photos images in this post :o)

Thank you for reading,

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If you are reading this, and find that some of the photos have not loaded,
please go to imannette.net, to see all of the photos.  :o)


Looking back (See what I did there?  :o)) on our 4th of July Week 2019,
filled with wonderful memories!

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Growing Up in Disneyland: a Conversation with Author, Ron DeFore

July 13, 2019

Growing Up in Disneyland:
a Conversation with Author, Ron DeFore

Photo on 6-25-19 at 3.30 PM.jpeg

Okay, so this photo was not actually taken while I was
on the phone with Ron DeFore on June 25, 2019, 

but it was taken that day, shortly after my interesting phone “interview” with him.

Growing up in Iowa, where Hollywood seemed a zillion miles away, I often daydreamed about what it must be like as the child of a famous actor/celebrity.  By contrast,
Ron DeFore spent his childhood years in California, living out life as the son of movie and television actor, Don Defore. (By the way, Don Defore was born, and grew up, in Iowa. :o))

Ron DeFore.jpeg

Author Ron DeFore, whose father was actor Don DeFore.

These days, I no longer have to wonder what the life of a celebrity’s kid,(during my formative years) must have been like. Ron DeFore tells us!  Ron has recently written  Growing Up in Disneyland.  Soon to be released on July 15, this book is described by the author as a hybrid, combining parts of his father, Don DeFore’s (unpublished) autobiography, and Ron’s own autobiography.


Ron DeFore’s new book Growing Up in Disneyland will be available on July 15.

You can order this book, here,
or for a book autographed by Ron DeFore you can send a request to info@GrowingUpinDisneyland.com,

Recently, Ron DeFore generously agreed to an interview with “yours truly” via phone.
It was an informative, and enjoyable conversation.

Proud Son

One only has to speak a few minutes about Don DeFore, to hear the pride in his son Ron’s voice.  One of five children, Ron grew up basking in his father’s glory, delighting when ever Don was recognized in public. Ron shared that, occasionally, someone would recognize Don, but could not place him. The stranger, thinking that Don was a neighbor, or acquaintance that he should know, but embarrassed to admit that he did not, would engage in conversation with Don. Ron and the other children would enjoy witnessing this tete-a-tete play out in front of them, as Don would play along, asking the stranger how things were going, with him and his family, until the stranger finally came to the realization of who he was really conversing with.

Don Defore was not the only one in the family who was in the entertainment business.  Ron’s mother, Marion, formerly Marion Holmes, was a big band singer prior to marrying Don. Marion was most famous for her recording of I’m a Little Tea Pot with Art Kassel and his Kassels in the Air. She also sang with Henry Busse.  Upon marrying Don, Marion quit her singing career. (According to Ron, his mom made great watermelon pickles!)

026 4X4 inches.jpg

Marion Holmes DeFore was a big band singer when she met Don Defore.

Hear her hit, I’m a Little Teapot, here, 1940.

Among the fringe benefits of being Don DeFore’s offspring, Ron says he counts being part of the parades that the family was invited to participate in, as a highlight. Disneyland parades, including the opening day extravaganza, and the Disney Christmas Parade (where he and his sister sat next to Walt Disney, himself), and the Hollywood Christmas Parade are all wonderful family memories for Ron. As a child, Ron says that it made him feel special to be the son of a celebrity, and take place in all the fun. He loved it.


The DeFore family in Disneyland’s Opening Day Parade, riding the Autopia cars
on July 18, 1955.
(5 year-old Ron is in the front car, and out of this photo’s view.)
Watch the entire parade broadcast from ABC, here.

Growing up in Brentwood

The world that Ron DeFore grew up in was different from that of today. There was little crime in the area then, and Ron does not remember ever bothering to lock the doors when the family went out for the day.

When Don DeFore set out to build his home on a double lot, in 1947, Brentwood, a suburb of west Los Angeles, California, was considered “out in the country”, and many of his actor friends questioned why he would choose to build so far out.  The DeFore’s house, designed with split rails and a barn & silo look, was equipped with a huge train bell at the top of the house, that could be sounded from inside the house, to call in the children  for dinner from wherever they were playing. (Ron says the bell sounded like the clang of the Mark Twain paddle boat at Disneyland.) Special childhood memories for Ron include, when the DeFore’s had a cow and chickens, and when the house’s beautiful Christmas decorations were up, that had taken two weeks to complete.

See a video of the DeFore home in 1962, here.

Growing Up in Disneyland

It’s every kid’s dream:  Growing up in Disneyland!  Ron DeFore did it!

First, a little background-From 1957-1962 Don Defore owned Disneyland’s Don DeFore’s Silver Banjo Barbecue Restaurant, named for the banjo that Don’s father used to play.
Don said that the sounds of the banjo strumming gave one an appetite. It is the only restaurant on Disneyland property to ever have an actual person’s name (other than Walt Disney).   Don Defore was friends with Walt Disney, and when a space opened up at Disneyland’s Frontierland for a restaurant, DeFore already had an idea that he had been mulling around. Don DeFore’s Silver Banjo Barbecue Restaurant was born.

Ron DeFore spent a lot of weekends, and summer vacation time, at Disneyland from 1957-1962.  The DeFore’s even had a second house in Anaheim, near Disneyland, that they used to store extra restaurant supplies, and to stay at when working at the Silver Banjo.

Ron says that he is probably the only kid who didn’t want to go to Disneyland all of the time. :o) He did enjoy it, though, when he could bring along a friend, and “show off a little”.  Ron knew a lot about the park, spending a lot of time exploring.

Years, later, while working as associate director on The Steve Allen Show (1971-1972),
Ron met an up and coming comedian named Steve Martin. Yep, THAT Steve Martin.  (As Ron put it, “I enjoyed meeting guests in the Green Room/lounge, and introduced myself as Don DeFore’s son, as many of the guests had nice stories about my dad.”) After chatting a bit, Martin mentioned that he had worked at Disneyland as a teen in the magic shop in the 1950’s. Ron mentioned that he used to go to the magic shop a lot then, when he was “bored”.  After further discussion, Ron said, “I remember you!”, and Steve Martin said, “I remember you!” :o)

Check out this Disneyland documentary from 1956 called Disneyland Dream, about a family who won a trip to Disneyland, here. In this film, around 20:20-20:28 you can spy a very young Steve Martin selling programs in a pink striped, long-sleeved shirt and a top hat in the lower right part of the screen,
or find him at around 1:34 in this restored and shortened version, without audio, here.

Don DeFore

Don DeFore, in addition to being a husband and father, was an actor.  He starred on Broadway, in movies, and on television.  DeFore starred with many classic movie stars, including Doris Day in her first film, in Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis’s first film, with Liz Scott’s first film, and with Charlton Heston in his first film.  DeFore forged life-long friendships with Ronald Reagan and Walt Disney, among others. (Judy Garland was in his wedding.) Ron says that two of his Dad’s movie favorites are, It Happened on Fifth Avenue, and She’s Working Her Way Through College.

Dad and Ozzie publicity Shot

Don Defore as Thorny, with Ozzie Nelson, on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet

DeFore was one of the first well-known television characters, playing Thorny on
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1954. In 1961, despite the protests of his agent (thinking DeFore would be overshadowed by Academy Award winning actress Shirley Booth), DeFore took the role of the memorable Mr. B on the classic TV show Hazel (1961-1965).

Hazel pub shot 2

Don Defore and Shirley Booth starring on Hazel

Ron DeFore starred in an episode of Hazel, here.

Lesser known, DeFore served from 1954-1956 as president of National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and was the powerhouse behind broadcasting the Emmy Awards on television for the first time. (No small feat at the time, considering there was no satellite broadcasting, and the show was live from both New York and California.). Impressed by this major coup, Walt Disney met and became friends with DeFore. DeFore received an Emmy Award for his two-year service as the National Academy of Television Art and Sciences president.

See a short video of  Don DeFore’s Emmy Award replacement, opened by Ron DeFore,
at the bottom of the page, here.

D DeFore star on Hollywood Blvd

Don DeFore‘s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for television.
The star is on the 6800 block of Hollywood Boulevard (on the south side),
according to an article, here.
 DeFore was inducted to the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 8, 1960.
Read the Hollywood Walk of Fame write-up on Don 
DeFore, here.

Name Dropping :o)

I asked Ron to name drop a little, and tell me about some famous people that he met, or knew.
Here is a list of some of those names, in no particular order.

Walt Disney
Ronald Reagan
Shirley Booth (Hazel)
Bobby Buntrock (Harold on Hazel)
Ozzie and Harriet Nelson
Jay North (Dennis the Menace)
Rusty Hamer (Rusty on Make Room for Daddy)
Dick Van Dyke and his children
Richard Widmark
Robert Mitchum
Meredith Wilson (Creator of Music Man, and from Iowa)
Anthony Caruso (character actor)
David Clayton Thomas (Blood, Sweat, and Tears)
Steve Allen
Steve Martin
Jonathan Winters
Robin Williams
The Beatles
The Beach Boys

Author, Author!

Ron DeFore had never seen himself as an author, having had nearly 20 careers throughout his lifetime.  In the late 1990’s, he and his brother David, began to do occasional presentations for D23, the Disney Family Museum, and the Disneyana Fan Club.  One comment seemed to always follow those presentations, “You should write a book!”  While taking his daily walk several years ago, Ron decided, all of a sudden, that he would do just that!  He would write a book.! After two years of writing, as well as compiling his father’s writings, Ron has indeed become an author.  Growing Up in Disneyland is sure to be a treasure trove of interesting antidotes and history from Hollywood and beyond.  I can’t wait to read it!

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 2.27.09 PM.png

President Reagan meets with two members of his Presidential Administration,
Don and Ron DeFore while in Los Angeles.
Left to right-President Reagan, Don DeFore, Ron DeFore
Note the look of fatherly pride on Don DeFore’s face.  :o)

A Special Recipe


Sampling the delicious barbecue sauce recipe from
Don DeFore’s Silver Banjo Barbecue Restaurant.
It is good stuff!

Here is the recipe for Disneyland’s Don DeFore’s Silver Banjo Barbecue Restaurant, that was based on a California restaurant’s barbecue sauce, at the time. This recipe was derived from UCLA’s ingredient identification of that sauce, and Marion DeFore’s kitchen magic.


Ingredients needed for this recipe.


The barbecue sauce cooking on the stove smelled amazing!


Don DeFore’s Silver Banjo Barbecue Sauce
Frontierland, Disneyland

Dad & Mom in front of Banjo

A happy Don and Marion DeFore pose for this 1958 photo,
in front of Disneyland’s Don DeFore’s Silver Banjo Barbecue Restaurant sign.

Read more about the restaurant, here.

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 2.28.15 PM

Combine all ingredients and simmer 2-3 hours, the longer the better.
Barbecue sauce is best the next day.


I will be trying this sauce with all of my barbecue and grilling recipes!

Annette’s note–I prepared 1/4 of the original recipe.
I used Grandma’s brand of molasses.
I cooked this two hours with the lid off.

My measurements for 1/4 of a recipe are below.

12 ounces/1+1/2 cup Hunts Tomato Sauce

1/4 cup +2 Tablespoons Heinz Chili Sauce

1/4 cup water

3 Tablespoons Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar

1 Tablespoon Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

1 Tablespoon Kikkoman Soy Sauce

3 Tablespoons (unsulfured) molasses, Grandma’s or Blackstrap Molasses 

1/2 cup + 1 Tablespoon Sugar

1 teaspoon Coleman’s Mustard Powder

1 teaspoon McCormick Celery Seed (not celery salt)

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

1/8 teaspoon cinnamon

1/8 teaspoon dry garlic powder

1/8 teaspoon dry onion powder

1/4 teaspoon Colgin Liquid Smoke

Combine all ingredients and simmer 2-3 hours, the longer the better.
Barbecue sauce is best the next day.

Thank you to Ron for giving of his time (and photos) to this very appreciative “hobby blogger”! :o)

Check these out!

Ron DeFore narrates this introduction to Growing up in Disneyland in this video trailer.
Check out the photo clips, including when Ron was an extra (In a youth football uniform) on Hazel.

Click here, to read an interesting article by Ron, from several years ago entitled,
Growing up in Disneyland.

Click here to check out the Don DeFore web site.

Click here to find the Don DeFore Fan Club on Facebook.

Click here to see Ron DeFore’s Facebook page.

 Read These Previous Blog Posts About the Don Defore Film,
It Happened on 5th Avenue!

5th Ave

A lobby card, in color, featuring the Don Defore (Christmas) film
It Happened on 5th Avenue

What’s Slumgullion?!/December 2018, click here.

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December 2017, click here.


Christmas in Black and White/December 2013, click here.


Other Blog Posts of Interest

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A Bonanza of a Recipe!/June 2019, click here.

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I recently purchased this fun book recommended by Ron DeFore,
Eat Like
Walt, by  Marcy Carriker Smothers, .
It is filled with Disney history, and many old Disneyland recipes,
including the recipe for the Silver Banjo Barbecue Sauce!

You can order this book, here.

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A Bonanza of a Recipe!

June 28, 2019

A Bonanza of a Recipe!


I know, this is not exactly a cowgirl hat,
but I am still getting into the spirit of the Cowboy Day Cook-along!

Well, buckaroos, it’s that time of year, once again.  Gather round the chuckwagon for Recipe4Rebel‘s Cowboy Day Cook-along!  This is my second year of participating in this  camaraderie of western-inspired eats, and it is sure to be a rip-snortin’ good time!


Cowboy Day Cook-along 2019

Find my recipe from last year,
and read my blog about Cook-along 2018,


Like Greg, the head wrangler of this cook-along, I am a fan of the epic western,
Giant, starring Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean.
But, I must admit, I’m not much of a fan of the western genre, in general, unless that western is of a comedic nature.  In last year’s blog, I spoke of my fondness
for John Wayne’s more light-hearted fare.


I stand next to “John Wayne” at the John Wayne Museum.
September 2015
Read about my visit, here.

This year, I tip my (cowboy) hat to Dan Blocker, of the classic TV show Bonanza fame, and two of his most fun performances on that show:  Hoss and the Leprechauns,
Season 5, Episode 12, and Caution, Easter Bunny Crossing, Season 11, Episode 25.
Blocker also starred in the feature film comedy, The Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County.
(Click on the links/the colored titles, and they will take you to the episodes on Youtube.)


Dan Blocker starred as Hoss, in TV’s Bonanza.

In 1963, Blocker used some of his earnings from the Bonanza TV series to begin a restaurant chain.  What did he name it?  You guessed it, Bonanza Steakhouse! On the menu was a popular dish, known as Monterey Chicken. Below is my recipe.

Monterey Chicken

IMG_4232 2

The ingredients needed for Monterey Chicken.


Slice up the onion.


Cook the onion in olive oil.


Skillet-fry the chicken, or cook it on the grill.
(I recommend removing the onions before cooking the chicken.)

IMG_4239 3.jpeg

Top the cooked chicken with Monterey Jack, or Pepper Jack cheese,
cooked bacon, and cooked onions.  Add a hint of lime juice.


Monterey Jack

IMG_4237 2.jpeg


1/2 cup Dijon mustard

1/4 cup honey

1/4-1/2 teaspoon Black pepper

4 boneless, skinless, thin chicken breasts

6-8 ounces Monterey Jack, or Pepper Jack cheese, shredded

Bacon (I used the precooked variety, heating it up)

Olive oil

Red onion, thinly sliced

Lime wedges


Mix with whisk mustard, honey,  and black pepper in bowl.
Place mixture in large zip-lock bag with chicken breasts.
Place in refrigerator for 15-30 minutes.

Meanwhile, heat olive oil, and cook onions until tender.
Remove onions, drain off oil, and set to side, keeping warm.
Cook chicken breasts in skillet, or by grilling them,
and heat bacon.

Chicken Breast

Serve with lime wedges.

Accompany with tomatoes, or Pico de Gallo, and your favorite vegetable.

Serves 3-4

Annette’s note–If cooking the chicken breasts in the skillet,
I recommend removing the onions before cooking the chicken.


Join along!
Interested in cooking along?
Go to Recipe4Rebels, here.


A very western John Wayne sculpture at the John Wayne Museum
September 2015

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IMG_4282 3.jpeg

My friend, Linda, just presented me with these wonderful home-grown tomatoes.
 They will make a yummy compliment to this Monterey Chicken recipe.



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Frogmore Stew, Anyone?

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

 Frogmore Stew, Anyone?

Version 2
Frogmore Stew?!

Eeeek!  Frogmore Stew?!  It sounds like the type of fiendish dish served up to the unsuspecting protagonist in an old black and white monster movie, doesn’t it?
Never fear, it isn’t.

 Despite what the name Frogmore Stew suggests, this dish contains no frogs, whatsoever, and is not actually, a stew, at all. Frogmore Stew is, in fact, a tasty South Carolina classic, also often referred to as a Low Country Boil.


My friendly little (metal) frog “friend” has nothing to do with Frogmore Stew.

Beaufort and Frogmore

My interest in Frogmore Stew, this curiously-named Carolina culinary creation, began on a Friday, just a couple of weeks ago.  I was visiting Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and some friends, who live on the island, asked if I would like to join them on a day-trip to Beaufort (about a 45 minute car ride away). 


My friends, Laura and Bill, invited me along on their day-trip to Beaufort.

Laura and Bill were looking forward to seeing the final garden of the”Garden-a-Day Tour”, thanks to the efforts of the Beaufort Garden Club.  After the garden tour, they planned to explore a new place for lunch, nearby.  I jumped at the opportunity to join my friends on their food and fun excursion :o)

Garden Tour

As luck would have it, upon arriving at the Blythewood Road “garden of the day”,
the skies opened up, drenching the three of us, and the other garden visitors, with an unrelenting rain shower.  


Visitors tour the garden, despite the heavy rain.
(Photo courtesy of Bill. :o))

Our adventuresome trio made a valiant attempt at touring the extensive display of amazing flora in the garden before us via umbrella-cover, but eventually the torrential rains got the best of us, and we retreated, a bit damper, back to the refuge of the car.

100_2127 (1).jpeg

Touring the gardens under the cover of a much-appreciated umbrella.
(Photo courtesy of Bill. :o))

100_2120 (1)

Enjoying ourselves at the garden tour, despite the heavy rain.  :o)
(Photo courtesy of Bill. :o))
Thank you, Bill, for the use of your fun photos!

Read about the Beaufort Garden Club here, and the annual garden tour, here.


Attempting to dodge raindrops had left the three of us hungry.  It was on to lunch!
Before our trip began, Bill had researched eating establishments in the Beaufort area, and had chosen The Foolish Frog Restaurant on nearby St. Helena Island.

IMG_3575 2.jpeg

The Foolish Frog Restaurant, located in St. Helena Island, South Carolina. 

 It was a lunch filled with good conversation, as we dined (I enjoyed cream of crab bisque.), while watching the sky clear off, out the restaurant window.

IMG_3579 3.jpeg

 It was a lunch filled with good conversation, as we dined.


My choice for lunch was this tasty cream of crab bisque.

After our meal, and an enjoyable impromptu shopping stop across the street at MacDonald’s Marketplace, we were back in the car, heading out.  Having seen the name Frogmore, here and there, while on St. Helena Island, piqued my curiosity. Thanks to my trusty iPhone, I quickly learned that an area of St. Helena Island is called Frogmore.
In fact, the U.S. Postal Service referred to the entire St. Helena Island as Frogmore, at one time. Frogmore was also the name of a plantation in the area.


Marshes, not beaches, are a part of St. Helena Island’s landscape.
St. Helena Island, once called Frogmore, is an inland island, and part of the
Sea Islands off the southeast coast of the U.S.

Read about Frogmore, here, and here.

While doing my iPhone research, I also came across Frogmore Stew.
I had heard of this dish before, but I had never eaten it, and I did not know how it came to be.

The Origin of Frogmore Stew

Most accounts, that I read, credit Richard Gay with the invention of Frogmore Stew.
In the 1960’s, while on National Guard duty in Beaufort, Gay prepared this meal for 100 fellow soldiers, naming it after his hometown of Frogmore.

The recipe spread when Gay, the owner of Gay Seafood Company, brought home the recipe, making copies available to his seafood market customers.

Read these articles about Frogmore Stew, here, here, here, here, and here.

Making Frogmore Stew

IMG_3707 2

Gathering my ingredients for Frogmore Stew.


I chose a healthier sausage option, using uncured /no preservatives,
turkey kielbasa.  It was delicious.


Slicing up the sausage


Farmer’s vegetable stand sweet corn was perfect for my Frogmore Stew.


Boiling the ingredients


A meal to share


Frogmore Stew served up for the family during our summer family reunion,
after pool time. :o)

Hilton Head, South Carolina
July 2019


Frogmore Stew
(Annette’s version)

IMG_3718 2


1 +1/2 gallons of water

1 lemon, juiced

Salt, to taste

3 Tablespoons of Old Bay Seasoning*

Redskin new potatoes (approx. 3, or more, per person), washed

2 pounds spicy sausage (kielbasa, andouille, etc.), cut into slices, about 1/2 inch in size

10-12 ears shucked sweet corn on the cob, broken into 3-inch pieces

4 pounds large shrimp, uncooked, in shell

You may also want…

Butter, or Brummel & Brown yogurt spread

Cocktail, or Tartar sauce, Melted butter



In a large pot over medium-high heat, add the water, lemon juice, salt, and Old Bay Seasoning; bringing to a boil.

When the seasoned water comes to a boil, add redskin potatoes and boil for 15-20 minutes.  Potatoes should be easily pierced with a knife, when done, but not mushy.

Add sausage and gently boil, uncovered, 5 minutes.

Add corn and continue cooking an additional 5 minutes
(Begin timing immediately, do not wait until water is boiling.)

Add shrimp and cook an additional 3 to 5 minutes longer.
Do not overcook the shrimp.
Remove from heat and drain the mixture immediately.

Serve with cold beverage.

Provide butter (I use Brummel & Brown spread, made with yogurt)
for the corn and potatoes.

Serve cocktail sauce, melted butter, or tartar sauce for the shrimp.
(Tartar Sauce is my sauce of choice.  See recipe below.)

I serve with French bread, sliced and buttered with real butter, wrapped in foil and heated in the oven

Messy, so provide paper towels.

*Approx. 2 tablespoons of Old Bay Seasoning per gallon of water (or more to taste)


Serves 6-8

Tartar Sauce


Hellman’s Light Mayonnaise

Sweet (pickle) relish

Fresh lemon juice


I just mix the ingredients together to my taste…

Mix approximately two large serving spoons of mayo,
with approximately two-three Tablespoons of sweet relish,
and add approximately 1-2 teaspoon of lemon juice.

Keep cool

Annette’s note
*While this is a great recipe for a big group, when I made this,
I made a much smaller batch, cutting it to 1/4 of the original recipe.

*I used uncured, precooked turkey kielbasa, as a healthy alternative.

*I did not add any salt to my water. The potatoes probably needed it.

* Next time, I will probably add a whole, peeled onion,
and more Old Bay Seasoning.

*I used too many potatoes for my recipe, this time round. Oops.

*I serve with tartar sauce (recipe above).

*I serve with French bread, sliced and buttered with real butter, wrapped in foil,
and heated in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20-30 minutes.


 Previous South Carolina Blog Posts

Family Fun in Hilton Head/September 2015, click here.

Beach Getaway/February 2017, click here.

40 Years of (being) Married! A Hilton Head of a Celebration/June 2018, click here.

Beach Love/September 2018, click here.

Asbury Bedenbaugh and the China Hutch /March 2019, click here.

Fun Facts for Ya!

*St. Helena Island’s Penn Center hosts an annual Heritage Days,
highlighting the Gullah Culture.

*That camp song, Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore, (I, personally, sang it in Girl Scouts back in the day), was first noted during the Civil War on St. Helena Island.
Read more about its history, here.

Thanks for reading!!!!!


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Thursday, July 18, 2019

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I found this little guy at the grocery store. He made me think of Frogmore Stew! :o)

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A Nod to National Donut Day

June 7, 2019


A Nod to National Donut Day


Me, playing Peek-a-boo with donuts.  :o)

Well, it has finally happened!
I suppose after six years of being a blogger, it was to be expected, but …

IMG_3678I suppose after six years of being a blogger, it was to be expected, but … 

As I was knee-deep into writing and assembling this post, and while working on the last bit of  “research”, I stumbled upon… IT;  a previous blog post that had the same recipe, with similar photos.  Over the past year, I had kept telling myself that I should keep a file of recipes used, so the inevitable would not occur, but…

IMG_3668 2I had kept telling myself that I should keep a file, so the inevitable would not occur, but…

I now find myself the creator of two posts with identical recipes.  So, dear reader, if you have been an I’m Annette follower for awhile, I apologize for this duplication. If you are
a new follower to this blog, please bear with me.  Either way, I promise that my next post will have a fun new recipe, deeply rooted in South Carolina cuisine.

My Family and Donuts

My sign

A colorful donut sign hangs in my kitchen.  Aside from the fact that I am a big fan of
Marty Mummert‘s artistic signs, this piece is a “nod” to my hubby’s younger years, when his family owned a Cleveland, Ohio donut shop.


Marty Mummert’s colorful “DONUTS” sign that is displayed in my kitchen.


A coffee cup from when my hubby’s family owned the Donut House.

Hans’ Bakery

Hans’ Bakery donuts played a BIG part at my family’s reunion last year in Minnesota.
Hans’ was the family breakfast destination of choice, on our way to visiting
Mall of America.IMG_4466

Hans’ Bakery has a lot to choose from, but donuts are king.


There were a variety of donuts.


My grandson devours his “big as your head” donut during our family reunion.
July 2018


My son and his girlfriend share a donut.
July 2018

Read about our trip to Hans’ Bakery, here.

A “Nod” to National Donut Day

Did you know that there are actually two National Donut (holi)days?  The most popular being celebrated on the first Friday in June, with the lesser-known donut day being in November. There are also other dates set aside for Jelly-filled Donut Day,  and
Creme-filled Donut Day.

The Salvation Army started National Donut Day as a way to honor those who served soldiers during WWI, cooking donuts in helmets in France. Honest! You can read about it here.

Read more about this holiday for this yummy bakery treat, here.

Making Biscuit Donuts-A Photo Tutorial


Mix sugar and cinnamon together in a shallow dish, while the oil is heating.


Cut a hole in the center of each biscuit. 
(I use a clean, old, pharmacy pill bottle to cut out the center.)

IMG_3587 2

Remove the donut holes.

IMG_3591 2

Make sure that your oil is hot before cooking, about 325 degrees.


Drop a few biscuits into the oil at a time.
The donuts cook quickly, so be vigilant,
turning them as soon as the first side is the brownness you desire.


Remove donuts from oil and drain for a few moments on a paper towel.


Dredge in the sugar and cinnamon mixture.


Eat while hot. :o)

The Recipe

Biscuit Donuts



1 package refrigerated canned biscuits (5, or 10 count)

Vegetable oil, or peanut oil

¼ cup sugar

1 tea. Cinnamon


Heat 1-2 inches of oil in electric skillet, at about 325 degrees,
or in a heavy-duty pan over medium heat.
(The heat may vary depending on your electric skillet, or stove.)

Drop a pinch of dough into oil to test.
When oil is hot enough, the dough will sink to the bottom and then pop back up sizzling.

While oil is heating, mix sugar and cinnamon together in a shallow dish.
Set aside.

Open biscuits and separate.
Cut a hole in the center of each biscuit. Remove holes.
I use a clean, old, pharmacy pill bottle to cut out the center.

Drop a few biscuits into the oil at a time.
The donuts cook quickly, so be vigilant,
turning them as soon as the first side is the brownness you desire.

The donut holes cook quickly and need to watched, flipping almost immediately.

Remove donuts from oil and drain for a few moments on paper towels,
then dredge in sugar and cinnamon mixture.

Eat while hot.



Other I’m Annette Donut Posts
(Click on the post)

Mall of America, Mikey’s Diner, and Other Midwestern Sites of Minneapolis, Minnesota

Washington D.C., Gettysburg, and Points In-between

It’s Dollars (or Disney Dip) to Doughnuts that
the Saga of My Broken-Leg Adventure has come to an End!

Minnesota nice= A Very Nice Family Reunion

Summer’s Musings

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Enjoying this Hans’ Bakery donut!
July 2018








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Lobsters, and Clam Chowder, and Birthday Cakes, Oh My!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Lobsters, and Clam Chowder, and Birthday Cakes, Oh My!


Clad in my stylish lobster-embellished bib, and all ready for dinner,
which includes lobster and clam chowder, of course.  :o)


Cape Cod
a historic and picturesque area of Massachusetts,
where lobster and clam chowder abound.”

Do not look for this definition in Webster’s Dictionary.  It is my own.
(Note my emphasis on the culinary aspects of this region. :o))

My hubby/Dale, son/Chandler, my son’s girlfriend/Elisa, and I were in Cape Cod for
a long weekend, earlier this month, to help celebrate my mother in-law’s birthday.
We all enjoyed our Cape Cod visit!

IMG_2745 2

Birthday Girl
(Dale’s Mom)

Why not, grab a cup of tea, or coffee, sit back, and take a moment to enjoy a photo tour of some highlights of my recent Cape Cod trip?

Photo Tour


Chandler, Grandma, and Elisa are all ready to see Cape Cod!

 Fisherman’s View


Our hungry crew is ready to order at Fisherman’s View in Sandwich.


We had pretty views from our table…

IMG_2627 2

wherever we looked.


Not surprisingly, I began my meal with clam chowder. :o) Yum!
You can read more about my love of chowder, here,
and get my personal clam chowder recipe, too.


A lobster roll (minus the roll/bun) was my main course of choice.  Delicious!

The Beaches

Sandy Neck


A sign greeted us, telling us that we had arrived.


A peek at the water, through the fence.

IMG_2644 2

A look down the beach on a cool May day.

Craigsville Beach


Dale’s mom enjoys walking the Cape Cod beaches, often.


We all pause for a happy group photo.

JFK Memorial


Hyannis is home to the JFK Memorial, in honor of
President John F. Kennedy.

IMG_2677 2.jpeg

The reflecting pool and fountain stand “guard” over the bronze plaque of the JFK.


The JFK Memorial overlooks Lewis Bay, once a popular sailing spot for Kennedy.

Nobska Lighthouse


The Nobska Lighthouse is one of several lighthouses on The Cape.

Version 2

Dale and me, in front of the lighthouse.
Thank you, Elisa, for the photo!


An information plaque for Nobska Lighthouse.


Chandler and Elisa look up toward the lighthouse from the water’s edge.

Captain Kidd

IMG_2732 2.jpegIMG_2733.jpeg

Captain Kidd Restaurant in Woods Hole


Cozy and warm at Captain Kidd.


The clam chowder was yummy here!

The Celebration

Dale’s sister and her husband, who also live on Cape Cod, invited us all over for a lobster dinner, and to celebrate the (two) birthdays of Dale’s and his mother’s.
They were the ultimate hosts, serving us a wonderful meal, for a very enjoyable evening!


Enjoying Captain Parkers Clam Chowder as our appetizer! So good! :o)


Lobster Chef, Todd, prepares the lobster portion of our meal with expertise.


Elisa is excited to try her very first lobster.  She is now a fan!


Lobster cooked to perfection.


Melted butter compliments the sweet lobster meat.




Dale’s sister, Carol, presents the birthday duo with their respective “cakes”.


Birthday Pie (Angel Pie) for Dale, and Carrot Cake for his mom.
For the Angel Pie recipe, click here.

A Cape Cod Recipe

 In the Kennedy Kitchen ,by former Kennedy chef, Neil Connolly, is a collection of recipes that were enjoyed by the Kennedy family when staying at the Kennedy Family Compound at Hyannis Port. This simple, but chocolatey, brownie recipe, is one recipe found in the book. Here is my version.

IMG_3348 2.jpeg

In the Kennedy Kitchenby former Kennedy chef, Neil Connolly.


Only a few ingredients are needed for this fudgy brownie recipe


A sprinkle of (optional) powdered sugar completes this recipe.

The Recipe

Cape Cod Brownies



PAM non-stick cooking spray

1 stick( 4 ounces) butter

2 ounces of unsweetened chocolate “squares”

2 eggs

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon real vanilla

Powdered sugar-optional


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Spray 8 -inch square baking pan with PAM.

In small pan, melt butter and chocolate over low heat.
Stir constantly with a whisk.
Remove from heat, and set aside.

In mixing bowl, beat eggs and sugar together with mixer,
until light in color and sugar is dissolved.  About 2 minutes.

Beat in melted chocolate/sugar mixture.
Carefully add flour and vanilla, mixing just till blended.

Pour into prepared pan.

Bake for 25 minutes, or till just done.
Do not over bake.
A cake tester, when inserted, should come out with only a few crumbs sticking to it.

Remove from oven, cooling on a wire rack.

After 10-15, minutes ,or so, sprinkle with powdered sugar from a sieve, if desired.

When cool, cut into 12 squares.

Read about Cape Cod in my previous blog posts,


Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh my!
Wizard of Oz lawn decor
Photo taken on Cape Cod in October 2014.
Previously posted here.

Click on the blog title in pink. 

May 2014, Peanut Butter and Elvis

November 2014, Autumn is the Mellow Time of Year

May 2017, Chowder!

August 2018, Summer’s Musings

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I spotted these cups in a Logan/Boston Airport gift shop, on our flight home. :o)

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A (Sticky) Taste of Walt Disney World

Thursday, May 2, 2019

A (Sticky) Taste of Walt Disney World

IMG_2560 3

I am pleased at how this sticky “cake”/ toffee pudding turned out,
using my new pans.

I pose to you, my dear readers, a question.  Do you feel a jolly, giddy sensation when using a newly acquired piece of  kitchen cookware, kitchen appliance, or kitchen tool? And find yourself doing a mental happy dance? I am guilty! :o)


I actually did a Mickey (super) happy dance, when purchasing my new
Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Double Flip Waffle Maker
last month.

You can read about my love of Mickey waffles and find how to make them, here.

The Bundtlette

Although, having streamlined my bakeware, having “Goodwill” my rarely-used pieces,
I deemed it necessary to recently purchase a mini-bundt pan, called a bundtlette.


My mini-bundt, or “bundtlette” pan
I bought it here.
( I do not receive any compensation for this mention, just sharing my info with you. :o))

My thoughts were to use this pan for various baking projects, but especially for my newest Disney cooking adventure.  I wanted to recreate the yummy Sticky Toffee Pudding that I had dined on last month at Epcot’s Rose and Crown Pub.


The dessert menu from The Rose & Crown.
I chose the first item on this menu for my dessert, at my server’s suggestion, and the family dining next to me.
It was a great suggestion!


Enjoying my meal at the quaint Rose & Crown Pub of Epcot in Walt Disney World.

You can read about my day at Epcot, and the lunch at the Rose and Crown, here.

Another Disney Cooking (Baking) Adventure

Let me just say, before going into the baking basics for Disney’s delectable
Sticky Toffee Pudding, that this recipe is not for the faint of heart.  I must admit, that about half-way through the process, I wondered why I had attempted such a feat.
In the end, though, it was worth the toil, and I have some suggestions to make it easier.

IMG_2549 2.jpeg

Ingredients needed to make Sticky Toffee Pudding


The original recipe calls for vanilla beans, but due to the price,
I opted for pure vanilla extract, instead.


Blanching the dates is required to remove the hard outer skin, and soften the fruit.

For blanching instructions, look here.


After placing the dates in boiling water, immediately plunge into ice water=blanching.


Drain off water, and peel away the outer “shell”.  
I only allowed my dates to boil for 30 seconds.  
A little longer (another minute, perhaps?) would have been beneficial, making it easier to “peel” the dates.



The recipe made 12 mini-bundt cakes (puddings).


I did make the custard,
(and just like on one of my favorite shows, The Great British Baking Show)
it went from perfection to curdle in a mere few seconds.
My hubby and I ate it anyway, and we both thought it was good, but…

Rather than making the Custard Sauce, I would recommend making vanilla pudding (with a bit of extra vanilla), or even using an instant pudding, or vanilla ice cream.
(Also, the pudding eliminates the fear of not getting the eggs in custard cooked safely enough.)

IMG_2556 2.jpeg

I attempted to use Rum flavoring in the Butter Rum Toffee Sauce, and it was a fail.
It was way overpowering, and tasted “fake”.
I threw that batch away, and made it again, without the “Rum”.
The Butter Rum 
Toffee Sauce was delicious.
I have doubled the amount made, in my recipe.


Assemble in this order-
Custard Sauce (or vanilla pudding)

Sticky Toffee Pudding (the mini-bundt cake)
Butter Rum Toffee Sauce

The Recipe

I used the recipe here ,  I also found the hints in the blog recipe very helpful, here.
Below  is my version.

My Version

Sticky Toffee Pudding

IMG_2558 2.jpeg



Sticky Toffee Pudding (cakes)

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

PAM baking spray

10-12 ounces dates (blanch these, and peel off skin), chop finely
8 ounces very hot water
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 pound all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
4 ounces unsalted butter
12 ounces sugar
2 whole eggs
1/8-1/4 teaspoon salt

Custard Sauce/Pudding

Prepare vanilla pudding, or instant vanilla pudding,
adding 1/2 teaspoon additional pure vanilla extract, or
use vanilla ice cream

Butter Toffee Sauce

2 ounce butter (about 4 Tablespoons)
8 ounces heavy cream (heavy cream tastes far superior in this recipe)
6 ounces of dark brown sugar (about 1 cup)


Sticky Toffee Pudding (cakes)

Prepare molds by greasing well with PAM

Add very hot water to chopped, blanched and peeled dates.

Stir in vanilla and baking soda. Set aside.

Cream butter and sugar.  Add one egg at a time, beating till mixed.

On low, add half of flour and baking powder to creamed mixture.
Then, add date mixture until well-combined.

Fold/stir in rest of flour and baking powder.

Fill greased molds halfway. Bake for 15 minutes, or until done.

Let cool 5 minutes, and then remove cakes to cool completely on cooling rack.

Butter Toffee Sauce

Combine butter, sugar, and cream.  Bring to boil, while stirring.

Remove from heat.

Assemble in this order

Custard Sauce (or vanilla pudding) on bottom of bowl.
Sticky Toffee Pudding (the mini-bundt cake) on top of custard sauce/pudding.
Butter Rum Toffee Sauce over the pudding/cake 


Thanks for reading!!!!!


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Thursday, June 13, 2019

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A look at my Sticky Toffee Pudding, served at The Rose & Crown Pub.



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Rick Springfield and Floating cars…Another Glorious Visit to Walt Disney World!

April 12, 2019

Rick Springfield and Floating cars…
Another Glorious Visit to Walt Disney World!

IMG_1820 2.jpeg

My childhood dream realized! :o)
I happily ride in a vintage Amphicar at Walt Disney World,
with my daughter and hubby.

It all began with a phone call…
Martese, my daughter, mentioned that Rick Springfield would be playing in a concert at Walt Disney World the following month. And that she (my daughter) would be running two races there that very same week.  


Martese and Natasha run the Star Wars half marathon.
April 7, 2019

My hubby, Dale, overhearing my conversation, suggested that I go and enjoy the concert, see my daughter (who was slated to arrive later in the week, with her running buddy arriving on Friday), and enjoy some park time at WDW.  Dale would attempt to join me, if possible. I then phoned my son, Trevor, who lives in South Florida. He, too, would join me for a few days of Disney fun.


My Rick Springfield “stash” consists of a 25 year anniversary shirt from 2006,
a cute, but impractical, handbag made from a Rick Springfield
album cover for the front and the actual LP for the back,
and a greatest hit CD.
The ringtone on my iPhone has been playing Rick Springfield’s
Jessie’s Girl for well-over ten years :o)

Listen to Rick Springfield’s 1981 music video, Jessie’s Girl, here.

As things worked out, I flew in to WDW on Monday evening, enjoying Epcot and the concerts (I attended all three) solo on Tuesday. Dale surprised me by catching the latest flight in on Tuesday evening, with Martese, and then Trevor, arriving around noon on Wednesday! It was a great time!


Enjoying Epcot Solo with a “Selfie Explosion”

Hitting the park solo was a first for me.  I found that my time alone gave me a chance to use my selfie “skills” throughout the park. :o)

Epcot Entrance


I excitedly take my first Epcot selfie, upon entering the park.



It was a colorfest for the eyes at Epcot during the Flower and Garden Festival.


The Seas


Happy to have a FastPass to the Finding Nemo ride at The Seas.


Of course, I had to visit the cute manatees while at The Sea.



I decided to take a silly photo with Bruce the shark.


The Land


Poncho-clad, I pose before The Land sign during a light rain.



This farmhouse scene was taken on the Living with the Land boat ride.
(Check out the upper left-hand corner.  This is a viewing area
from the The Garden Grill restaurant.
My family ate there on my previous WDW visit, here.
I found a video of the ride, here.)



This pineapple is one of the many crops raised in The Land.



Figment, from the Journey into Imagination ride, is one of the numerous and amazing topiaries displayed throughout Epcot during
The Flower and Garden Festival.


The Rose & Crown


Excited to partake in the Garden Rocks Dining Package at the Rose & Crown.
(Including my choice of appetizer, entree, dessert, and beverage.
Also, giving me preferential seating for the first
Rick Springfield concert that evening.)

This was my first dining experience at the Rose & Crown.


At my server’s suggestion, I tried the Scotch Eggand became a fan!



The Shepherd’s Pie was good!



Another suggestion from my server, was this richly delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding.
It was my favorite part of the meal!  :o)



An iced tea to go, and my pass (for preferential seating) for the concert.

A Colorful Background


Enjoying the beauty of the flowers, and more Epcot rides in the afternoon.


Rick Springfield


Fourth Row! Now that rocks! :o)


Rick Springfield put on an terrific show.  
With each show lasting only 45 minutes (the concerts are included in the price of your admission to WDW), I decided to attend all three that evening. :o)


Singing Human Touch, Rick Springfield, the ultimate showman,
runs into the audience of happy fans. :o)



I had sooooo much fun seeing Rick Springfield in concert!
(I knew that he had a wonderfully entertaining and energetic performance,
having seen him one other time live, in Baltimore, in 2006.)

You can see Rick’s 1983 sci-fi music video for Human Touch, here.

Floating Cars

It was the 1960’s.  I was home, sick from (elementary) school, on the couch, all comfy under the covers.  The television helped me forget my low-grade fever, especially when a particular game show came on.  (I believe that show was I’ve got a Secret, and the host was Bill Cullen.) It was the prize being given to the winning contestant that caught my eye, and piqued my imagination. It was a floating car! I watched in awe, as it drove from land, straight into a lake, and then sped off across the water. I wanted to ride in one!


Me, around the time I became aware of the “floating car”.

Fast forward to April 2019.  My. chance to ride in a floating car/amphicar was about to come true! Disney Springs offers visitors 20 minutes tours in these classic German cars.
It was a true blast (from the past)!


A brief history of the Amphicars.  Only 400 remain.


Ready for our ride.


Captain Tim



Into the water



Waving to my fans.
Just kidding, actually waving to people dining on the dock.



Floating along



A front windshield view



Enjoying the ride


Surrounded by water



Almost back


And too soon, our Amphicar ride was over.


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A big thank you to Martese,  Trevor, Dale, and Natasha for contributing photos for this blog post.

Thanks for reading, and have a magical day! :o)

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Dale and Trevor like the looks of our House Salad at Via Napoli in Epcot.
April 3, 2019



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The Leaning Tower of Eggplant

March 31, 2019

The Leaning Tower of Eggplant


I inspect an eggplant.
Read how to choose the best eggplant, here  and here . 

It was February 2019.  It was winter, and it was cold in Maryland.  It was time for me to visit my son, his wife, and their family (my grand children) in South Florida!  :o)


The weather was glorious for my week long visit.

IMG_0324 2

We played at the park.


We played at the beach.

IMG_0463 2We played at the carnival…


and ate some, too.


And, some of the time we rested! :o)

Cooking up some Fun


It was a fun- filled week!!! A lot of wonderful memories packed into each day.
One afternoon, my 9-year old grand son and I baked chocolate chip cookies!


Leveling off the flour.


Scooping out the cookie batter

For this Chocolate chip cookie recipe, go here.

IMG_0562 2

Everyone waits for the cookies to bake, including my son, Trevor, and
my grand daughter. :o)


Baked chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven. Yum!


Plus, one extra large one for the baker to enjoy.  :o)

The Leaning Tower of Eggplant, or
Eggplant Stacks

While visiting, I picked up a tasty recipe from my daughter in-law, for Eggplant Stacks.
(I call them “the Leaning Tower of Eggplant” due to the fact that they must be stacked carefully, or they fall over. :o))

IMG_0489 3

Cut eggplant into even 3/4-1 inch thick slices. 

IMG_0490 2

If you want to sweat the eggplant (recommended), do that step here.

IMG_0491 2

You will need 3-4 slices, per “tower”.

IMG_0494 2

Dip one eggplant slice into the egg wash,
and then into the seasoned breadcrumbs with additional spices.


Cover breaded eggplant slice with spaghetti sauce,
sprinkle slice with shredded mozzarella.

IMG_0503 2.jpeg

Repeat until your tray is filled.

IMG_0509 2.jpeg

Bake at 375 degrees until done.



The Leaning Tower of Eggplant/Eggplant Stacks





Italian seasoned bread crumbs


Rosemary (optional)

Garlic powder (optional)

PAM cooking spray,
or olive oil

Egg (for egg wash)

Jar of spaghetti sauce (red)

Mozzarella cheese, shredded


Peel eggplant, if desired,
Cut eggplant into even 3/4-1 inch thick slices. 

Sweat the eggplant.
(Sprinkle salt, over each eggplant slice, top and bottom.
Set the salted, sliced eggplant into a colander (with plate underneath),
and sit a small plate on top of eggplant, letting it rest for 30 minutes, or so.
Rinse and pat dry.)
A wonderful short youtube video on sweating eggplant is here.

Preheat oven to 375.

Prepare a cookie sheet, by covering in aluminum foil, or parchment.
Spray with PAM, or brush a little olive oil, if using foil.

You will need 3-4 eggplant slices, per stack/tower.

Mix breadcrumbs with desired amount of thyme, rosemary, and optional garlic powder.

Beat egg well for egg wash.


Dip one eggplant slice into egg wash, and then into seasoned breadcrumbs with additional spices.
(If you wish to air fry, or fry, your eggplant, do so here.)

Place onto prepared cookie sheet.

Cover slice with spaghetti sauce.
Sprinkle with spices.

Sprinkle slice with shredded mozzarella.

Repeat two more times until you have one stack.

Repeat this process for each stack.

Place into preheated oven for about 20 minutes,
or until eggplant is tender and cheese is melted.

Annette’s notes-My daughter in-law, Tanya, made this again last week, and after dipping the eggplant Into the egg wash, she air fried them, and then assembled the stacks, and baked them.  She said that air frying made these even more delicious.



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This over-sized eggplant (statue) greets visitors to the
Old Ellicott City/Howard County Welcome Center
in Maryland.

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Asbury Bedenbaugh and the China Hutch

March 24, 2019

Asbury Bedenbaugh and the China Hutch

IMG_0673 3.jpeg

I bid a fond farewell to our almost 40-year old china hutch.

If I ever decide to become a novelist, my first protagonist will be named
Asbury Bedenbaugh.  Isn’t that a great name?  I actually encountered the real
Asbury Bedenbaugh over 38 years ago; a southern gentleman in a Prosperity,
South Carolina furniture store…

I first saw it, the top of my china hutch, while browsing the clearance section of our local furniture store in Columbia, South Carolina.  I wanted that hutch!  The price was right, but the bottom section had been sold (right out from under it, so to speak. :o)). I returned  home disappointed.  


A brochure from the furniture collection that my china hutch came from.
(Note that the term “country” decor/design had not yet come into use.)

I could not get the thought of the pretty hutch, with the chicken wire in the glass, out of my mind.  I began a calling quest to furniture retailers around town, to see if I might be able to locate the bottom half of my dream china hutch. Eventually, one local store suggested that I inquire at a furniture store in Prosperity (30 miles away), equipping me with the long distance phone number (that means that it cost extra money to call Prosperity, as this was in the days before cell phones and the Internet).


Another look at the furnitures collection brochure.

Upon calling, I spoke to a gentleman (with a charming southern accent) and explained my dilemma. He told me that they did, indeed, have the piece that I sought, both the top and bottom. He agreed to match the other store’s price for the top piece, if I bought the bottom section, as well. The store would hold the china hutch for us, upon our approval.  I made an appointment for Dale and me to see the piece, writing down directions (again, this was in the pre-Internet days), and struggled to jot down the friendly voice’s unfamiliar, yet lyrical, name on paper: Asbury Bedenbaugh. 


Me, about the time that I met Asbury Bedenbaugh.
Charleston, South Carolina

Entering the Prosperity Furniture Store, I was now able to match the wonderful name to a kind and smiling face. Dale and I purchased the china hutch from Mr. Bedenbaugh that day, and sadly we never made it back to Prosperity (South Carolina), or saw this delightful fellow, again, but I have always remembered his unique name.
Through the magic of the Internet, I was able to find his touching obituary, written in 2002.  You can read it, here.


A new china hutch for Dale and me in our first apartment.
Check out our rotary wall phone in harvest gold!
Columbia, South Carolina

This sturdy china hutch has served us well over the years, moving with us from
South Carolina, to Texas, to Ohio, and lastly, to Maryland.  But, in the past couple of years, as I began clearing out various excess furniture pieces from the rooms of my home, it became apparent that the china hutch had out lived its usefulness, for us.


While streamlining and decluttering the dining room,
it became apparent that there was too much furniture for this room.

March 2018

On March 1, a young friend, with limited kitchen cupboard space, became the happy new owner of this “vintage” piece. I know that it will be useful again, and well-loved.  Farewell, china hutch, and thank you.



The cleaned out china hutch awaiting its move to a new home.




The “Bedenbaugh China Hutch” enjoying life in its new home. :o)
Thank you, Sydney, for sending me this photo!


A Recipe Blast from the Past

As a young married couple in Columbia, South Carolina (1978-1981), two-three times per year, Dale and I made the ( two and a half hour) drive southward to Hilton Head Island, for a long weekend. Those were idyllic visits, and often included a much anticipated  outing to Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks.


This cute mermaid sign currently graces the roof at 
Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks.
August 2015


As a gastronomic tribute to our china hutch “of old”, and our first married years living in South Carolina, I will attempt to include an archived Hudson’s recipe here, sort of….


Dale and I share an appetizer of Hudson’s popular, and delicious, She-crab Soup 
on our 40th wedding anniversary.

May 28, 2018

“Back in the day”, one of my favorite desserts was Hudson’s Fluffy Key Lime Pie.
( I added the “fluffy” part to the name.) I loved it! It was the perfect light dessert to
top off an always delectable Hudson’s seafood meal.  


Hudson’s famous, and addicting, hushpuppies were an amazing compliment to a
recent meal on the deck area.
March 2018


A delicious Hudson’s shrimp meal, where the seafood is always fresh.
February 2017


Shrimp boats bring fresh-caught seafood right up to the Hudson’s dock.
September 2018

While dining at Hudson’s in the late 1970’s, I requested the key lime pie recipe from our server.  Her response? The pie was basically cool whip, some lime juice, with a touch of green food coloring mixed together and put into a pie crust.
(I think it was a graham cracker crust, but I am not 100% sure on this point.)


IMG_5479 2.jpeg

Hudson’s chocolicious MUD PIE “ENOUGH FOR TWO”
could have been a meal all by itself!
Yes, Dale and I shared! :O)
February 2017

I went home after that Hilton Head Island trip, made the pie by guessing the amounts, enjoyed eating it, and promptly forgot about making it ever again.  That is, until about fifteen years ago.  It was at that time (in 2004), that I looked up Hudson’s on the Internet and saw that they had a cookbook for sale.


My Hudson’s cookbook,
complete with many of the restaurants wonderful recipes.

You can order their current cookbook copy, here.

I ordered the Hudson’s cookbook, but upon receiving it, I found that the key lime pie recipe listed in the cookbook differed from the key lime pie that I remembered so well.


Hudson’s (current) key lime pie is creamy and delicious!
July 2019

 To make a long story, somewhat shorter, I wrote to Hudson’s requesting MY key lime pie recipe. Their kind reply stated that their dessert cook, Miss Bessie, had been with them for almost 30 years, and that the key lime pie recipe in the cookbook was hers, and the one that the restaurant still serves.
(I have enjoyed Miss Bessie’s mouthwatering key lime pie, mud pie, and peanut butter pie at the restaurant.) 


My joyous return to Hudson’s in 2011, after a 30-year absence.
April 2011

Could it be that Miss Bessie, the dessert cook, came to Hudson’s after I had moved from South Carolina in 1981 (I would not to return to the state again until 2011), and that the recipe that I remember is now a “lost” recipe? It is a mystery.

Below I have attempted to recreate the recipe that I remember.


I believe that I have come up with a reasonable facsimile to that particular
key lime pie that I remember.
My recipe is below.


Fluffy Key Lime Pie

Below is my attempt at recreating the Fluffy Key Lime Pie that I remember.
Please, see my notes and suggestions at the bottom of the recipe.




The ingredients needed for my Fluffy Key Lime Pie


This tasted pretty close to the pie that I remember, except that the pie of my memory was twice as high.
So next time I will double the filling recipe below,
and make my own graham cracker crust. (It would taste better.)


Fluffy Key Lime Pie



1 graham cracker pie crust
( I suggest a homemade variety)

( I suggest that you double the filling amounts below,
 for a mile high pie)

16 ounce, original Cool Whip

3 Tablespoons lime juice, or to taste
(a little goes a long ways)
(I used bottled, but may try fresh next go round.
I am guessing that the amount of lime juice may have to be altered, if using fresh)

green food color
(I used the gel variety)

1 fresh lime
(more if squeezing your limes for juice)


Prepare graham cracker pie crust.

Mix together Cool Whip and lime juice.

Add green food coloring to get desired color, mixing well.

Spoon cool whip mixture into graham pie crust.

Slice lime, and garnish pie.
Save additional slices to garnish individual slices.

Refrigerate at least one hour to firm up pie filling.

Annette’s note-As stated above,
I suggest-
1. Make the graham cracker pie crust from scratch, for
     a more tasty pie.
(The Internet has numerous no-cook graham cracker pie crust recipes.)

2. Next time, I will use fresh-squeezed lime juice.
I would start out using less juice amounts, as guessing fresh may be more flavorful.

3.  Double the amounts above of Cool Whip and lime juice for a taller pie.
In other words, 2-16 ounce tubs of Cook Whip, and 6 Tablespoons of lime juice.


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I pause from my beach bicycle ride to enjoy a peaceful Hilton Head sunset.

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