At Disneyland Paris,  January 2013

Life! Everyone has got one, me included. “I’m Annette!” is my take on things, the things that I like about life. In a lighthearted manner, it is here, where I can discuss a favorite recipe that I have, or a new one discovered, along with my love of classic movies and TV. As a hobby blogger, my blog is my opportunity to sit down with you for a quick chat about where my travels take me, sharing a photo, or two. Interspersed throughout our conversation, pride in my family is sure to be evident, as well. So, it is my hope that with each blog post, you will feel compelled to grab a cup of tea (or coffee), and settle into a comfy chair, relax, taking the time for a little visit with me, Annette. :o)

Photo Feb 07, 18 16 33
I enjoy a trip to Disneyland in February 2015.

About my blog’s name…


The title for my blog, “I’m Annette” ,was inspired by Annette Funicello’s weekly peppy phrase on the 1950’s show “The Mickey Mouse Club”. I felt it only fitting, since my name came from the perpetually smiling and G-rated star. “I’m Annette” is also a line that I use at times, while simultaneously simulating mouse ears atop my head, to assist new acquaintances in remembering my name. (I am told that this works, only if you are an American old enough to remember Annette Funicello and her fellow mouseketeers. :o)) “I’m Annette” is also a nod to my, and my family’s, love of Disney.

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Enjoying the beautiful scenery in Lucerne, Switzerland, 2013

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  4. I think you are a remarkable person to just get on with your life after breaking your leg. All the best to you Annette, and to your family, for the rest of 2018. I’m going to try you’re recipe for Irish stew. Louie Corrigan


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  7. Elizabeth Shope Miller says:

    Thanks for sharing your recipes! I especially enjoyed your gumbo recipe.


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