The Hurrier I Go, the Behinder I Get!


April 26, 2022

The Hurrier I Go, the Behinder I Get!

I enjoy a cup of (Barry’s) tea from my beloved “It’s a Small World” cup.  :o)

The calendar in front of me proclaims that spring is in “full bloom” (See what I did there? ha),
and that April is quickly coming to a close! My promised blog post date for this month looms terrifyingly near. Oh, boy!

Some of the “bloom” that is occurring in my neck of the woods.
Can you spot the bumble bee near the middle of this photo?

To quote an oft uttered phrase, “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get!” Or so it seems!
So….rather than going “hurrier” and getting “behinder”, I will take time out from my schedule to sip my tea, relax a bit, and chat with you via this posting. :o)

Travel Fun

  How delightful it has been to see family and friends these past couple of months!  AND, of course, enjoy the foods of different areas of the country!  I share just a few photos of my recent travels.



Enjoying one of the three pork tenderloins (on St. Patrick’s Day) that I devoured during my
Iowa trip, Goldie’s in 
Prairie City.


                   The Redwood Steakhouse, Anita.           Enjoying a tenderloin at Johnston’s, Jethro’s.                                           

Dutch Letters from Jaarsma Bakery in Pella

Frisian Farms cheese from Leighton.

The most unique of my Iowa dining experiences was pizza at Fong’s Pizza, Ankeny!
They are known for their Asian-inspired Crab Rangoon Pizza.
Fans include Alton Brown from Good Eats/The Food Network.
See this brief video about Fong Pizza on Youtube, here.

The Sights

Bison spotted at the
Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge,
and (below) a steel bison sculpture nearby,  Prairie City.

This windmill is a nod to Pella’s Dutch roots.

Jesse James was here!
Near Adair

New York, New York!

Two Visits to Central Park

A cool, but pretty spring day

Enjoying NYC with my son and his family.
We are all smiles as we take a leisurely carriage ride through Central Park.

Not exactly planes, trains, and automobiles, but bikes and scooters work!

I just HAD to get a photo with Balto!
When my youngest two were 
little, Balto, the animated movie about this amazing dog,
was a favorite.

It was Balto who helped to get life-saving medicine to Nome, Alaska in 1925.
My kiddos happily saw the taxidermied (Is that a word?) Balto at the
Cleveland Museum of Natural History many years ago.

I liked this view, just outside of the park.

Eating Our Way Through NYC

Eating a piece of NY pizza is a must when visiting the city!

Mama Mia 44sw was awesome!
Italian food at its best, and friendly service, too!
They make you feel like you are one of the family!
They have been in business since 1971!

Delicious Cantonese food at Big Wong Restaurant in New York’s Chinatown district.
(Note-They only take cash as payment.)

Bagels are another must when visiting NYC!
These bagel sandwiches at Hudson Bagel were the perfect breakfast!

I hope that you enjoyed my photo tours of Iowa and New York City!
Are you hungry, yet? :o)

Thank you for reading I’m Annette!

May your days be blessed, and your taste buds happy!


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Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!
Robin Williams

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6 Responses to The Hurrier I Go, the Behinder I Get!

  1. Kim Hansen Petroni says:

    LOVE IT!!!!


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  2. Renee Kayser says:

    Love all the foodie places! Yummy. Iowa tenderlions are the best! Where did you catch spring? it has escaped us Iowans 😦

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  3. Marjorie Mattson says:

    That did make me hungry and it is time to grab a bite to eat. Good blog

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