Rick Springfield and Floating cars…Another Glorious Visit to Walt Disney World!

April 12, 2019

Rick Springfield and Floating cars…
Another Glorious Visit to Walt Disney World!

IMG_1820 2.jpeg

My childhood dream realized! :o)
I happily ride in a vintage Amphicar at Walt Disney World,
with my daughter and hubby.

It all began with a phone call…
Martese, my daughter, mentioned that Rick Springfield would be playing in a concert at Walt Disney World the following month. And that she (my daughter) would be running two races there that very same week.  


Martese and Natasha run the Star Wars half marathon.
April 7, 2019

My hubby, Dale, overhearing my conversation, suggested that I go and enjoy the concert, see my daughter (who was slated to arrive later in the week, with her running buddy arriving on Friday), and enjoy some park time at WDW.  Dale would attempt to join me, if possible. I then phoned my son, Trevor, who lives in South Florida. He, too, would join me for a few days of Disney fun.


My Rick Springfield “stash” consists of a 25 year anniversary shirt from 2006,
a cute, but impractical, handbag made from a Rick Springfield
album cover for the front and the actual LP for the back,
and a greatest hit CD.
The ringtone on my iPhone has been playing Rick Springfield’s
Jessie’s Girl for well-over ten years :o)

Listen to Rick Springfield’s 1981 music video, Jessie’s Girl, here.

As things worked out, I flew in to WDW on Monday evening, enjoying Epcot and the concerts (I attended all three) solo on Tuesday. Dale surprised me by catching the latest flight in on Tuesday evening, with Martese, and then Trevor, arriving around noon on Wednesday! It was a great time!


Enjoying Epcot Solo with a “Selfie Explosion”

Hitting the park solo was a first for me.  I found that my time alone gave me a chance to use my selfie “skills” throughout the park. :o)

Epcot Entrance


I excitedly take my first Epcot selfie, upon entering the park.



It was a colorfest for the eyes at Epcot during the Flower and Garden Festival.


The Seas


Happy to have a FastPass to the Finding Nemo ride at The Seas.


Of course, I had to visit the cute manatees while at The Sea.



I decided to take a silly photo with Bruce the shark.


The Land


Poncho-clad, I pose before The Land sign during a light rain.



This farmhouse scene was taken on the Living with the Land boat ride.
(Check out the upper left-hand corner.  This is a viewing area
from the The Garden Grill restaurant.
My family ate there on my previous WDW visit, here.
I found a video of the ride, here.)



This pineapple is one of the many crops raised in The Land.



Figment, from the Journey into Imagination ride, is one of the numerous and amazing topiaries displayed throughout Epcot during
The Flower and Garden Festival.


The Rose & Crown


Excited to partake in the Garden Rocks Dining Package at the Rose & Crown.
(Including my choice of appetizer, entree, dessert, and beverage.
Also, giving me preferential seating for the first
Rick Springfield concert that evening.)

This was my first dining experience at the Rose & Crown.


At my server’s suggestion, I tried the Scotch Eggand became a fan!



The Shepherd’s Pie was good!



Another suggestion from my server, was this richly delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding.
It was my favorite part of the meal!  :o)



An iced tea to go, and my pass (for preferential seating) for the concert.

A Colorful Background


Enjoying the beauty of the flowers, and more Epcot rides in the afternoon.


Rick Springfield


Fourth Row! Now that rocks! :o)


Rick Springfield put on an terrific show.  
With each show lasting only 45 minutes (the concerts are included in the price of your admission to WDW), I decided to attend all three that evening. :o)


Singing Human Touch, Rick Springfield, the ultimate showman,
runs into the audience of happy fans. :o)



I had sooooo much fun seeing Rick Springfield in concert!
(I knew that he had a wonderfully entertaining and energetic performance,
having seen him one other time live, in Baltimore, in 2006.)

You can see Rick’s 1983 sci-fi music video for Human Touch, here.

Floating Cars

It was the 1960’s.  I was home, sick from (elementary) school, on the couch, all comfy under the covers.  The television helped me forget my low-grade fever, especially when a particular game show came on.  (I believe that show was I’ve got a Secret, and the host was Bill Cullen.) It was the prize being given to the winning contestant that caught my eye, and piqued my imagination. It was a floating car! I watched in awe, as it drove from land, straight into a lake, and then sped off across the water. I wanted to ride in one!


Me, around the time I became aware of the “floating car”.

Fast forward to April 2019.  My. chance to ride in a floating car/amphicar was about to come true! Disney Springs offers visitors 20 minutes tours in these classic German cars.
It was a true blast (from the past)!


A brief history of the Amphicars.  Only 400 remain.


Ready for our ride.


Captain Tim



Into the water



Waving to my fans.
Just kidding, actually waving to people dining on the dock.



Floating along



A front windshield view



Enjoying the ride


Surrounded by water



Almost back


And too soon, our Amphicar ride was over.


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A big thank you to Martese,  Trevor, Dale, and Natasha for contributing photos for this blog post.

Thanks for reading, and have a magical day! :o)

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Dale and Trevor like the looks of our House Salad at Via Napoli in Epcot.
April 3, 2019



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10 Responses to Rick Springfield and Floating cars…Another Glorious Visit to Walt Disney World!

  1. Michelle Joslin says:

    Another great blog! Love that you went to see Rick Springfield & Epcot solo!!! I just booked a reservation at Via Napoli after reading the blog. We are going to WDW in May. Martese was so helpful again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • oltimetv says:

      Thank you, Michelle! It was a fun week! I have been to Via Napoli twice, and it was delicious both times. The pizza and pasta is what we enjoyed, plus that fantastic salad. :o). Happy that Martese was helpful!


  2. marjorie mattson says:

    That is quite a car. Looks like it was a fun ride.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lisa says:

    Love your adventures so much! Come on! Rick Springfield & the Amphibicar! Thank you for sharing!


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