A Very Merry Royal Christmas!

December 16, 2021

A Very Merry Royal Christmas!

My royal “crown”of choice is in the shape of these festive sequin Mickey Mouse ears.  :o)

How many Christmas movies have you watched so far this Yuletide season?  
Do you favor a good Christmas classic, like White Christmas or It’s a Wonderful Life, or a more modern Christmas film like A Christmas Story, or Elf, or do you find yourself watching the Hallmark(ish) kind of holiday fare?

Do you favor Christmas classics like White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story,         and Elf?

I, personally, love them all!  Christmas movies?  Bring ’em on!
So if you are a fan of the TV Hallmark, or Hallmark-like Christmas variety, there is no shame here! :o) All Christmas movies are embraced here!
(If you are not a fan of this variety of movie entertainment, skip down to “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!”, below.)
I find myself particularly drawn to a subcategory of the December TV offerings, Hallmark-style; that is, the royal Christmas genre.

When was it decided that it is at Christmas when everyone meets and marries royalty?  Who knows, but it makes for a couple of hours of very easy entertainment (In other words, no thinking required)!
 Some are better than others, to be sure, but they all have a bit of regal charm.  
Several on Netflix even have gone on to become a trio of holiday movies, such as: 

The Princess Switch,
The Princess Switched Again, and
 The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

A Christmas Prince,
A Christmas Prince:  The Royal Wedding, and 
A Christmas Prince:  The Royal Baby

Christmas With a Prince,
Christmas With a Prince: Becoming Royal, and
Christmas With a Prince: The Royal Baby

Are you sensing a pattern here?  ha

The first one, The Princess Switch, is the one out of all nine of these, that I like the best.

Disclaimer-None of these royal movies can stand up to the likes of It’s a Wonderful Life, but I still find them fun for a much lighter fare.

A few of my royal Christmas movie dvds.

A Recipe Fit for a Royal

Do not be intimidated! Do not skip over this recipe!  This recipe looks difficult, but it really isn’t.
In fact, it only requires four ingredients! I have been making this for years.  The first time that I enjoyed this yumminess was at my daughters sorority in 2012.  It was a special dish prepared for the parents by the house chef/cook.  He was kinds enough to share his recipe. (Thank you, Scott!) I changed a couple of things, when I got home, to make it easier to prepare, but this is basically his recipe.  It’s a keeper!

Holiday Chicken Brie requires only four ingredients, and it isn’t just for holidays!

Holiday Chicken Brie


Approx. 6 (6 x 6) Frozen, or Fresh, Puff Pastry
(Pepperidge Farm, Sara Lee-in the frozen section, or Wewalka-in the refrigerator section )

Boneless, skinless  chicken breasts
(I use pre-packed thinly sliced)

(I use President’s brand-Light Brie, when I can.)

Seedless Raspberry Polaner All Fruit (jam)
(Any all-fruit jam will work)

PAM cooking spray



Preheat oven at 400-425 degrees.

Pan sear chicken breast in PAM cooking spray.
Let cool, while preparing pastry.

Place chicken breast on pastry square.

Slice Brie, trimming off outside rind, and place on seared chicken.

Wrap pastry around chicken by brining up the four corners together.
Seal/crimp edges.

Bake at 400-425 degrees for 20-30 minutes, until meat thermometer reads 165 degrees for poultry.

Heat approx. 1/4-1/2 cup jam in microwave for 15-20 seconds.

Plate pastry, garnish baked pastry with hot jam, and serve with additional jam on the side.

Good served with a nice green salad.


It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

As I write this to you, I am enjoying the holiday decor that surrounds me (while ignoring the pile of papers littering my counter, and the dishes that need to be loaded into the dishwasher!).  
Please allow me to share a couple of my favorite spots around my house this Christmas.

This gift from a friend is the perfect sign for my front door!

I excitedly added these six (white) houses to my Christmas decor several years ago,
but I always felt like it was lacking a little something.  
This year, I stumbled upon this church (in the middle), and added a string of twinkle lights to complete my display.
See the previous “house” display, here.

Mickey Snowman was my addition to my Christmas decorations this year.
Isn’t he cute?
Read more about it, here.

Made Me Smile  :o)

Thanksgiving spent with my daughter and her husband was such fun!  Yes, it made me smile!
As did their dog, Pongo, and cat, Nala!  
They are so cute! 

Eating out at The General Store was yummy, and their Christmas decorations were delightful!

Pongo poses for a picture.

Nala lounges in the sunshine.


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Thank you for reading I’m Annette!

May your days be blessed, and your taste buds happy!

Merry Christmas!



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  1. marjorie mattson says:

    Enjoyed your blog. Very Merry Christmas.


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