Four Years and Counting!

April 12, 2017

Four Years and Counting!

IMG_0434.jpgWalking the beach on a windy day by The Red Sea, while living overseas .
July 2013

Time flies!  

Wow! Time flies!!!! Facebook recently informed me, via their
“You have memories on this day” feature,
that I have been blogging for four years! Yep, FOUR YEARS!!! 

My blogging adventure began in 2013, as I prepared to move overseas with my hubby. (The move was originally scheduled for a few months, but morphed into two and a half years abroad!) I had determined that to occupy my spare time overseas, and to share my travels and experiences, I would begin a blog. My initial blog post is shown in its entirety, below. 

 I’m Annette‘s Debut Post 

Ya’ Gotta Start Somewhere!

This is my first official post for my blog “I’m Annette!” My goal is to post every week
(or occasionally more, or less),and share recipes, my travels, classic movie and tv information, and anything else that comes to mind. :o) Thanks for joining in!

My first blog post, in 2013, was brief, and to the point.  :o)

Looking Back with a Smile

IMG_0203        I happily stand in front of the Disneyland Paris ride, It’s a Small World, in 2013.

To commemorate my four years of blogging, I borrow from the world of the classic TV sitcom, using their, “clip show” technique.  That is, using previously seen snippets from earlier shows, to make up an entirely new episode. In that same fashion, I will be using a few of my earlier posted photos to reminisce, with a smile, about this past four years of
I’m Annette.  :o)  Feel free to click on any of the post titles (shown above each photo) to revisit that particular blog post, or go to to view them all.  In addition to the photos and travel bits, you will find recipes, craft/art ideas, movie suggestions, and free printables)!

Touring with Swiss Miss/Mrs.

2013-08-05 15.49.36.jpgMy daily walk in Thann produced this breathtaking scenery.
For another photo-filled post on France, click here, .

The Quiet Man’s Ireland-Day 2, or
A Day Fit for a “Quiet Man Crazy”

IMG_0345IMG_0492Beautiful Ireland tops my list of favorite places that I have visited, especially the tour of 
Quiet Man 
movie locations.
For Part 1 of this Ireland/Quiet Man blog, click here.

Irish Gold, Part 2

IMG_0938The Irish Cliffs of Moher were stunning!
For other posts on beautiful Ireland, click here and here.


100_3321This “WOW” view of London was from The London Eye in 2013.
For another post on London, click here.

Jolly Old England

I always enjoy strolling around York, especially on a sunny day like this one.

For another post on England, click here.

Delighting in Dubai

I feel blessed to have traveled to such wonderful locales, including amazing Dubai. On one occasion the Burj al Arab sat just outside my hotel window!
See another post on Dubai, here, and a photo here.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 6.28.02 AMOur 2014 trip to Walt Disney World was made extra special by the
engagement of my son to his future bride.
They are expecting the arrival of their baby daughter on this Easter! :o)

You can read about their wedding, here.

Read my other Walt Disney World posts, here and here.
Read my Disneyland posts, here and here .

For Disney recipes, click here, herehere, here, and here.
For a free Disney printable, click here and here.

Annette and Dale’s Excellent European Adventure:
Part 1-Germany

Dale and I with Stahleck Castle, and The Rhine, as our background,
during our stay
 in idyllic Bacharach, Germany.

Anniversary in Scotland 

As always, thanks for Reading!
Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!


2013-03-28 10.40.43.jpg
Cute chocolate Lindt Easter bunnies greeted us as we embarked on our overseas flight
in 2013.

Read a past Easter blog post,  here.

To enjoy any of my past blogs and photos, click here, or go to and select the posts that you desire to see in the Recent Posts, or Archives, sections on the upper right-hand side.

I attempt to post (around) every other Thursday, but lately life has been crazy busy! Things do not show any signs of slowing down in the next few weeks, and include the addition of a new grand baby! :o). Look for my next post on Thursday, May 11.

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IMG_0068 (1).jpgI relax overseas, most likely contemplating my next blog post.  :o)

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4 Responses to Four Years and Counting!

  1. Marjorie Mattson says:

    enjoyed seeing all the pictures again!! Thanks!


  2. says:

    Thanks for sharing those photos and memories with us all.. The beauty God has given you the chance to enjoy! Cheers to the memories!



  3. Dale Hoffman says:

    Nice blog and lots of fun!


  4. Jenny Sharpe says:

    Very interesting. Xx. Happy Easter xx

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