Disney is Always a Good Idea!

October 12, 2016

Disney is Always a Good Idea!

IMG_2361.jpgI always enjoy a visit to the Disney parks!

To paraphrase Audrey Hepburn’s “Paris is always a good idea.”  I have made this fun  printable Disney is always a good idea  for you to frame, hang, or magnet.   Click on the link below to print it . Enjoy!


To read my Disney blog from last week, please click here.

Thanks for reading!


Note-Due to a technical error (more accurately, mine), most of the photos from past blog posts were accidently deleted awhile back. I have been slowly working to replace them, and most are now back in place. If you wish to view my past blogs and photos,
click here, or go to imannette.net.

In an effort to establish a more reliable blog posting schedule, I plan (or at least, plan to try) to post every other Wednesday. Think of Wednesday as I’m Annette days. :o)
Look for my next post on October 19.

Thank you to my faithful blog followers!!!
It is your encouragement that keeps me writing! :o)
I love your positive comments, and enjoy hearing from you!

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I pose in front of Annette’s at Disneyland Paris is 2013.

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3 Responses to Disney is Always a Good Idea!

  1. Jenny Sharpe says:

    Wonderful times enjoy Annette! Jenny. Xx

    Sent from my iPhone



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