Autumn, the Comfy Cozy Time of Year

November 7, 2017

Autumn, the Comfy Cozy Time of Year


I am happy to be on a neighborhood stroll (last week),
enjoying my favorite time of year-FALL!

It is a rainy, autumn day here today in Maryland, as I pen my latest blog post
to you. .. 


The view from my front door today.


Mr. (Pumpkin) Turkey takes the rain in stride, as he keeps watch from
our front porch.

It is one of those cozy, sit by the fire, sip a cup of hot tea, kind of days, when autumn seems to wrap its comforting arms around its audience. Or in less poetic language, fall makes you feel all comfy cozy. I love fall! 


My fireplace with the fire all aglow.

IMG_1316  Sipping (Barry’s) hot tea in my trusty Hollywood Studios Disney mug.


Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.
Elizabeth Lawrence (author)

I love this quote. It really is a delight to sit back and see the colors that our fall brings.  Below are a few fall snapshots, to share with you, that I have taken around town during the past couple of weeks.  Enjoy!

IMG_1255IMG_1246IMG_1251IMG_1225IMG_1266IMG_1268IMG_1283 (1)

Autumn Around Our House

I enjoy making a few changes throughout our home to coincide with the various seasons.  I share with you this year’s fall touches.


Our hall entry table changes with the seasons.  This year I purchased this cute Etsy sign for fall.  Click here to find this creative sign maker.


I love the simplicity of this pumpkin tea light.


These pumpkins were turned with the blank side toward the front in October,
and flipped around to the thanks sides for November.
Personally, I am thankful for you, my special blog readers!


This sweet pilgrim couple has been part of my November decor for many years.
These made the cut when I downsized my Thanksgiving decorations recently.  :o)

Crock Pot Turkey

One thing that I look forward to in early November is the availability of Butterball’s Boneless Turkey Breast Roast.  I always grab a couple of these frozen goodies (one for that week, and one for the next month), to make one of my favorite comfort food recipes: Cozy Crock Pot Turkey.


Usually available during the last couple months of the year,
these boneless turkey breast roasts make a yummy crock pot meal.


A frozen Butterball’s Boneless Turkey Breast Roast, a November find.

The “How to cook Cozy Crock Pot Turkey” in a Nutshell Crock Pot


Gather up your ingredients listed in the recipe below.


Set your crock pot on “High”.
Don’t you love my Mickey Mouse crockpot?


Leave it alone to cook on high for about 6 hours, until thoroughly cooked.

The Recipe

Cozy Crock Pot Turkey



1 Boneless Turkey Breast Roast (I use Butterball.) Thawed*
1-small frozen package of yellow corn
1-small frozen package of cut green beans
1-small fresh package of small carrots
5-6 small red potatoes, scrubbed with the eyes/buds cut out
1-whole onion, peeled, if desired
2- cans of Campbell’s Cream of Chicken Soup (DO NOT dilute.)
1- 10.5 ounce can of Campbell’s Chicken Broth (DO NOT dilute.)
PAM non-stick spray
Salt and Pepper


Spray the inside of the crock pot with PAM cooking spray.

Place frozen corn, frozen green beans, carrots, potato, and onion(optional) in bottom of crockpot.

Place thawed* turkey roast on top. Discard the included gravy packet.
(*I place the unwrapped, frozen turkey roast in the microwave on defrost for several minutes to defrost.)

Pour the undiluted two cream of chicken soups, and the undiluted chicken broth over the roast and vegetables.

Cover and cook for 6 hours, or until done.

Remove roast and vegetables from crockpot.
Let roast rest for 5 minutes, then with kitchen sheers remove the string netting around the roast. (Put the netting in a trash far from reach from pets!)

Serve with the broth that the roast and vegetables were cooked in,
and salt and pepper.

Past Thanksgiving posts

The photo-shopped turkey above (Yes, that is me!) was from my 2014 post 
Autumn is a Mellow Time of Year?!  You can read it here.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Autumn Colors

…render thanksgiving to ye almighty God for all His blessings.
William Bradford

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    What a beautiful post I loved it.

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    A very delightful taste of fall!


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