Annette’s Thanksgiving

Annette’s Thanksgiving


Doris Lee’s Thanksgiving (1935)
The Art Institute of Chicago
Photo courtesy of

 This painting is a favorite of mine! It is so homey, so cozy. It reminds me of dinners at my grandparent’s farmhouse when I was young.  My grandmother, mother, great-aunt, and aunts cooked up more than one delicious feast in that small Iowa kitchen. (I have been blessed to have grown up surrounded by wonderful cooks!)  I remember the delightful aroma that wafted from that country kitchen, as the sounds of friendly chatter and laughter joined in combination with the loving preparation of the upcoming meal.

This painting also celebrates my most favorite of holidays: Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving, a time when we take the day to give thanks to our God for all that He has given us, embrace the love of our family (All of my kiddies will be home this Thanksgiving week-end!!! :o)), and taste the bounty of the array of food made available to us.  It is also a time to relax, take a family walk, play games and watch (maybe even play) football games, and Thanksgiving appropriate movies; the ambience set by the glowing fire in the fireplace.  …kind of like Christmas, but without the inherent pressures of gift giving. :o)

Below is my list of Thanksgiving TV and movie favorites to watch around the Thanksgiving holiday, in addition to the Thanksgiving Day Parade and Thanksgiving day/weekend football games, of course. :o)

 Annette’s list of fun Thanksgiving TV Episodes and Movies


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)-a fun Peanuts made for TV special that finds an unwitting Charlie Brown obligated to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for the gang.

 Mayflower VoyagersThis Is America, Charlie Brown:
Season 1, Episode 1 (1988)-a mini history lesson on the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth.

Both of these are on the DVD shown above.


The Munsters (1964) –  Low-Cal Munster  (Season 1, Episode 6) My favorite of all The Munster’s TV series, Herman goes on a diet just before Thanksgiving and finds that his willpower may not be enough. This one makes me laugh every time.


The Brady Bunch (1970) –The Un-Underground Movie
(Season 2, Episode 4) Greg makes a movie, Our Pilgrim Fathers, for a class assignment, and the whole family gets

Image WKRP in Cincinnati (1978)- Turkeys Away!
(Season 1: Episode 7)  This is a funny episode about a radio Thanksgiving Day promotion gone disastrously awry.

Believe it, or not, this episode was based on a real life event!


Mister Ed (1962)- Ed, the Pilgrim (Season 3, Episode 9) Mr. Ed, the talking horse, tells his owner,
Wilber, the “true” story of the first Thanksgiving.


Bewitched (1967)- Samantha’s Thanksgiving to Remember (Season 4, Episode 12) Samantha’s, Aunt Clara, accidently transports the whole family, plus nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz, back to 1620 to spend Thanksgiving with the pilgrims.

The Bob Newhart Show (1975)-Over the River and Through the Woods (Season 4, Episode 11) Bob’s wife spends Thanksgiving with her family and leaves her husband back at home to be available for his patients.  Alone, Bob invites his single guy friends over to spend the day watching football, but things get a little out of hand with too many drinks and nothing to eat, culminating in an inept and humorous attempt to order Chinese food.

Garfield’s Thanksgiving (1989) Jon invites Garfield’s vet, Liz, to Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, Jon has no idea on how to prepare Thanksgiving dinner.  Grandma pops in to save the day.  I love the part where Grandma wields a chainsaw in her dinner preparation!


Saturday Night Live(November 20, 1976) I have to admit, that I just discovered this one, while looking for some information for this blog. Paul Simon, known for his rather serious persona, dressed up in a turkey suit is pretty funny.

Paul Bart:  Mall Cop (PG)- (2009) Kevin James as Paul Bart, is as the title implies, a mall cop who must protect his beloved West Orange Pavilion Mall against a sophisticated band of thieves on Black Friday/the day after Thanksgiving.


All Hands on Deck (1961)- Pat Boone is lieutenant on board a Navy ship with Buddy Hackett and Owasso, his pet turkey. This movie has a Christmas song and “mistletoe”, but I say that the pet turkey makes this movie more appropriate for Thanksgiving.  :o)


Deck the Halls (PG)-(2006) This Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito holiday comedy, of neighbor against neighbor, has become a holiday favorite. My family often watches this on Thanksgiving weekend, kicking off our holiday film fest for the Christmas season.


Miracle on 34th Street (1947) A holiday classic with Maureen O’Hara, John Payne, Edmund Gwenn, and a young Natalie Wood, opens with the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and ends on Christmas morning.


By the Light of the Silvery Moon (1953) Doris Day stars in this upbeat musical that revolves around an American family just after WWI. When the turkey that the family is fattening up for Thanksgiving dinner becomes the young son’s pet, things get comical.


Holiday Inn (1942) Another holiday classic, with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, this film revolves around an inn only open for the fifteen, 1942, holidays per year. It was in this film that the velvety strains of Bing Crosby’s Christmas melody White Christmas was first heard.

A Couple of  Thanksgiving Recipes to Share


Turkey, prepared by my hubby, on our grill’s rotisserie-delicious!

 Part of the Thanksgiving celebration, of course, involves the much-anticipated Thanksgiving dinner.  Several traditional recipes show up on our family table for Thanksgiving each year.  Please allow me to share two of these recipes with you below. Enjoy!


My son helps me in picking apples, Fall 2012

On autumn weekends, as well as Thanksgiving weekend, you can smell this brew warming in the crockpot on my kitchen counter,
inviting you to help yourself to a big cup.

 Hot Apple Cider


 1-gallon cider

2 cinnamon sticks

8 whole cloves

4 whole allspice

1/4 – 1/2 lemon sliced

1/4 cup honey


Add spices, honey and lemon slices to cider.

Simmer 10 minutes, or place in crockpot until hot.

Remove lemon immediately.

(They make the brew bitter, if left in.)

Spices may stay in, but strain when ladling into mug.

Enjoy a warm cup in front of the fire for a cozy evening.

Serve 6-8.

bookThis cute story is a family favorite at my house

      These turkey cookies have been part of our Thanksgiving since my kiddies were small, and helped me to make them each year. In fact, my brood still assists me in assembling these treats, when they all gather home for Thanksgiving.

Turkey Cookies


Recipe inspired by and photo courtesy of
Originally published as Cookie Turkeys in Quick Cooking November/December 2004, p17


40 fudge-striped cookies

Approx. ¼ cup chocolate frosting

1 pkg. malted milk balls*

 (Chocolate covered cherries were used in the photo.  YUK!)

20 pieces of candy corn


Place 20 cookies on a flat surface, solid chocolate side down. With frosting, attach a malt ball to the top of each base cookie.

Position another cookie perpendicular to each base cookie; attach with frosting.

With a dab of frosting, attach one piece of candy corn to the front of each malted milk ball for the head. Let stand until set. 

Yield: 20 servings.

*I have also heard of miniature Reese’s peanut butter cups being used.

Thank you for allowing me to share my Thanksgiving movies and recipes with you today. To celebrate the holiday, I present you with a Thanksgiving printable, shown below, (…that my sweet daughter created for me.  Thank you!) in honor of a favorite Thanksgiving TV episode. ;o) Wishing all the best to you and your family for a blessed Thanksgiving season! :o)

Thanks for reading!  :o)


I attempt to post my blog weekly on, or around, each Monday, but will take a Thanksgiving hiatus, posting again around, December 15. Happy Thanksgiving!

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 Turkey Quote Without Frame

For a printable version of this, please go to my next blog post here.

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  1. Auroraurora says:

    Wonderful post! AND thanks so much for linking to my write-up on the Bewitched Thanksgiving episode! I had to comment because we seem to be of a mind – I already have a commentary done on one of MY favorite episodes of The Munsters – “Low-Cal Munster” 🙂



    • oltimetv says:

      Thank you for your kinds words, and being a part of my blog! I have read some of your blogs, and I agree, we seem to be of a like mind! :o) I am now following your blog. What a fun one! I see your Munster’s Halloween post, but I am not able to locate your “Low-Cal” post. What is the title, so that I may read it.
      Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, filled with great TV watching!


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  8. darkument says:

    Reblogged this on darkumentation and commented:
    Some great movies and shows about Thanksgiving, By The Light of The Silvery Moon (1953) being one of my favorites featuring a turkey sequence with Billy Gray.


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