(Birthday) Queen for a Day

March 9, 2017

(Birthday) Queen for a Day

img_6588Relishing my delicious birthday lunch of Baked King’s Onion Soup at Gettysburg’s 
Springhouse Tavern/Dobbin House Tavern
March 2, 2017

What are your earliest childhood memories? Most of my earliest memories (age four and before) are just snippets, really, of everyday events. Interestingly enough, several involve television. (The beginning of my life-long interest in classic television and movies!)

IMG_6672.jpgA photo of me at around age 4, in 1962.

 I remember watching on our black and white TV set, the then new cartoon The Flintstones in the evening with my parents, seeing a rerun of Leave it to Beaver during the day, and being frightened by an alien on a roof on a Adventures of Superman rerun (The “Moleman” episode, perhaps? You can see it here.). I also recall being impressed by the giant bouquet, regal cape, and sparkly crown bestowed upon a woman as she sat upon a royal throne on the daytime game show Queen for a Day.   (To view and episode of Queen for a Day, click here.) 

IMG_6602.jpgA few items from my current DVD collection,
and yes I do own Superman and the Mole Men episode.  :o)


Like Queen for a Day with all of its fanfare , I believe birthdays are truly days to be celebrated, and in a big way!  After all, birthdays only happen to each one of us, just once a year! Why not embrace it? As Jack Benny once aptly put it, “Age is strictly a case of mind over matter.  If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”.

Click on the blue  Age is strictly a case of  to bring this printable up to print it.


My March 2 birthday, last week, was an enjoyable and memorable occasion. Sit  back, relax, and follow along on with me, as I take you on a photo tour of my birthday fun. :o)

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Birthday Fun on March 2, 2017

I determined that Gettysburg, Pennsylvania would be my birthday destination for lunch, stopping for a quick breakfast along the way at The French Twist Cafe in
Sykesville, Maryland.

The French Twist Cafe

IMG_6519 (1)IMG_6517My crepe choice of the day was The Maryland, a savory crepe, carefully and happily created with crab meat, scallions, cheese(in lieu of mayo), and Old Bay seasoning.

IMG_6521 (1)It is a combination that never disappoints! YUM!

IMG_6526 (1)I am enjoying the remainder of my hot tea, as I leave The French Twist Cafe.

First Things First

An unusual birthday gift?
No, a necessary purchase, as our 28 year-old toilet seat had decided to
crack the day before!


IMG_6531Dale and I just had to get a selfie with our good friend Abe at the
Gettysburg Visitor’s Center.

IMG_6534Dale, checking out a souvenir in the Visitor’s Center gift shop.

IMG_6542I stand in front of Ike’s house.
I had hoped to tour the Eisenhower House /President Dwight Eisenhower’s home in Gettysburg during out visit, having once visited there many years ago.
Unfortunately, the Visitor’s Center informed us that the house was being
recarpeted the day that we were there.
(Moral of the story, call before going. :o))
Although, not open, we were permitted to drive up to it (not normally allowed),
and walk the grounds fee free.

To view the Eisenhower House and grounds, including an online 2-minute video,
click here, scrolling down until you see the house, and click on the arrow to begin.

IMG_6549The back of the Eisenhower home is behind me.

IMG_6547.jpgIke’s putting green sits directly in back of the house. 

IMG_6556.jpgThe Eisenhower house has beautifully peaceful views all round.

Little Round Top

IMG_3397A trip to Gettysburg demands at least a quick stop at Little Round Top.
As beautiful and 
idyllic as the Gettysburg countryside is now, in July 1863 this was the site of one of this country’s most horrific Civil War battles. 

IMG_6564Col. Patrick O’Rorke‘s monument at Little Round Top.
His nose has become shiny due to visitor’s rubbing it for good luck.

IMG_6566A view of the countryside, looking out the Castle at Little Round Top.

The Dobbin House’s Springhouse Tavern

IMG_6572This is the Dobbin House Tavern.  In-between the brick building and the white one is the entrance to the best Onion Soup around at The Springhouse Tavern.

IMG_6573Finding the door to The Springhouse Tavern is a little tricky, but well worth it!

IMG_6574Notice the leaves that had blown in as we stepped into the cellar entrance.

IMG_6576The relaxed ambience of The Springhouse Tavern is part of its charm.

IMG_6580Dale gives Dr. G’s, a local orange soda pop, a try.  He liked it!

IMG_6670.jpgI opted for the refreshing fresh brewed iced tea!  :o)

IMG_6581An enjoyable birthday lunch started with Baked King’s Onion Soup!

IMG_6592.jpgFor our main course, Dale and I split an Open-face Turkey Rueben Sandwich
with potato salad. Both were delicious.

To read about another earlier Gettysburg trip, please click here.
This blog post also includes the recipe to The Springhouse Tavern’s Onion Soup!

Birthday Cake

IMG_6595The day ended right, with birthday cake and a movie, two of my favorite things.  :o)
It has become a tradition at my house, for my husband to bake my birthday cake each year.  He always makes my birthday cake of choice; this Raspberry Continental.
It is always wonderful!

For the recipe for this luscious cake, click here and here.

Birthday Movie Night

IMG_6600I love classic movies!  On most birthdays, I usually choose between two 1939 masterpieces for my birthday viewing: Gone with the Wind, or The Wizard of Oz.
Since it had been several years since viewing Gone with the Wind, it was my cinematic classic choice for this year. I must admit that it took more than my birthday night to view all four hours worth, though! :o)

IMG_6669.jpgIt had been a wonderful birthday in 2017! :o)

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A courting candle at The Springhouse Tavern

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9 Responses to (Birthday) Queen for a Day

  1. Jenny Sharpe says:

    Happy happy birthday Annette.

    Sending love and every good wish.

    Love Jenny


  2. Donna and Tony says:

    Very nice. Sounds like you had a great bday.Interesting to hear about recommendations of where to go and what to see.

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Marjorie Mattson says:

    Really enjoyed a revisit to Getteysberg, Great!


  4. Elizabeth Westphal says:

    The FOOD looks wonderful….everything….crepes to cake, oh my.


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