The Frustrations of an Attempted Blogger, 
an addendum to yesterday’s blog post

March 5, 2014

The Frustrations of an Attempted Blogger, 
an addendum to yesterday’s blog post


It began on March 6, 2013.  “Ya’ Gotta Start Somewhere!”, my first blog post, was a mere two sentences. With this inauspicious beginning, my entrance into the world of blogdom had begun. Since that day, I have learned about many aspects of the blogging world; revising a few things on my own blog along the way, and having gained a small, loyal readership, for which I am extremely thankful.  Unfortunately, I am still in blogging “kindergarten” with much to learn, and if I did not know this already, I found it out yesterday.

Generally, after posting a blog, I find a minor typo, or two, but after posting yesterday, I realized that a key photo was missing! Without going into all of the ins and outs of blogging, yesterday I had hit a glitch, technical difficulty, a boo boo, when trying to publish. In the frustrating process of working out the issue, a photo that I had intended to add, was overlooked.

So, to rectify this oversight, I present you with an addendum to yesterday’s blog entry.

Click on these links to read yesterday’s post, as well as my very first blog post.


 Dale, my wonderful hubby, preparing baking pans for my birthday cake


Spreading the butter cream frosting on the birthday cake

Wishing for you a day void of frustration!

Thanks for reading!  :o)


I attempt to post my blog bi-monthly. 
Talk to you again around March 25.

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My delicious birthday cake, 2014

This recipe can be found on my previous post

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6 Responses to The Frustrations of an Attempted Blogger, 
an addendum to yesterday’s blog post

  1. David Leestma says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! I love the pics and a hubby in the kitchen, too!

    Glad you guys are doing well.

    Love, P


  2. Juan Carlos says:

    Hello Annette,

    i was looking for irish places for holidays and i saw your blog. the part about “the quiet man”. i´m really intersting in visit ireland this summer and one of the places that i want to visit is “the quiet man” locations. i have found lot of them but there is one than i can´t find,is the place “white o´morn stream” the house of john wayne and his wife on the film. i saw that you was ther, maybe can you tell me where is it.

    thank you very much and i have to added that you have a fantastic blog reallyu interesting 🙂

    Greetings from Spain
    Juan carlos


    • oltimetv says:

      Thank you, Juan, for your kind words. I will get the exact location for you, and get back to you. :o) Annette


    • oltimetv says:

      Hello, Juan,

      You will have a wonderful time in Ireland this summer! The directions to the stream are as follows,”The stream is located at the Cottage which is just outside the village of Maam as you head west to Maam Cross.” I highly recommend Paddy’s Quiet Man Tour at
      Thank you for reading my blog (I wrote 5 on Ireland), and please, let me know how your trip goes.


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