Saturday Fun Day


January 31, 2020

Saturday Fun Day


I love this tasty CrackJelly!

Do you ever take yourself out on a date?  Every once in a while, I allocate a day as a
“fun day” just for myself.  This past Saturday I enjoyed a solo “date day”. My day began with an enjoyable get-together with the delightful creator of that oh-so delicious spread, 
CrackJelly.  Next was a smile-inducing side trip to see numerous kiddies delight in sledding/saucering down a hill of snow.  I, also, treated myself to the smooth pineapple flavor of a luscious Disney Dole Whip Twist, peppered with a few fun stops in-between, and all of this done on one day on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina!


Olive the Above (Cute name, huh?) is a fun little shop on Beaufort, South Carolina’s,
Bay Street. It was here, last year, at this shop specializing in olive oils and vinegars, that I had my first taste of CrackJelly.  It took one mere sample of this delectable spread, and I was hooked!


Exploring Bay Street with friends in June 1019.
Read more about this Beaufort trip, here.

This “chili jam” is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy (not too heavy on the spicy, or hot).  My favorite way to devour this addictingly yummy CrackJelly is to spread it over
Almond Nut-Thins crackers.


My favorite way to devour this “addicting” jelly is to spread CrackJelly over 
Almond Nut-Thins crackers.

Not long after “discovering”this creative culinary concoction, I set out to do some research on CrackJelly.   Thanks to their website, I discovered that the company’s headquarters was/is located in Hilton Head. Long story, short, I set up a meeting.  :o)

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 12.32.30 PM 2

This CrackJelly website is filled with recipes and ordering information.
Visit their website, here.
Use the discount code crack20 to get 20% off your mail order!

Evelyn’s Kitchen

Meeting Evelyn, the creator and owner of CrackJelly was such fun.  Expecting to have only a brief discussion, Evelyn welcomed me into her home, fed me CrackJelly delights, and shared with me her story.


Evelyn preparing yummy CrackJelly shrimp in her kitchen.

Evelyn is from Australia (having been in the US for seven years).  In fact, every jar of CrackJelly pays homage to her home country with the phrase “An Aussie Addiction”, and a symbol of a kangaroo with the witty “Keeps You Bouncing Back for More”, although, CrackJelly is made in the USA (with all natural ingredients).


CrackJelly pays homage to the country of Evelyn’s birth.

Version 2

CrackJelly works well on a cheese tray, or charcuterie board.

Derived from a family sauce recipe (from Evelyn’s sister), one day as Evelyn was cooking up a batch, she accidentally over-cooked it, and essentially, and happily, CrackJelly was born. :o)


I sampled CrackJelly eaten with Old Croc smoked cheddar cheese, pimento cheese,
brie, and strawberries.
All were delicious!


Evelyn introduced me to an Australia product, Old Croc Cheese.
She served me the  smoked cheddar variety (my preference).
You can read more about this cheese, here.

I was the recipient of all kinds of goodies that morning.  I especially liked the shrimp that Evelyn prepared for me.  She recommended that when I make it at home, to put the shrimp on a salad.  I did, and she was right!  Yum-o! See the recipe at the end of this post.


CrackJelly Shrimp goodness

Thank you Evelyn, for your time and generosity!  When asking what she enjoyed about living in Hilton Head, Evelyn said, “The easy going lifestyle, friendliness, the friendships that she has made”.  I love her advice for life on the Island, “Make your own fun!”.  That is good advice, as it applies to life wherever one lives.  :o)

CrackJelly Links and Good Stuff

Use the discount code of crack20 to get 20% off your mail order


Hilton Head Snow Day

Hilton Head averages 0 inches of snow per year.  (Now, there have been some anomalies to that zero, however.  In January 2018, for example, Hilton Head was treated to a little of the white stuff. You can see photos of that snowfall, here.) With so little chance to experience snow firsthand, the Island Recreation Center, hosted a Hilton Head Snow Day last week for the area’s children.  I stopped by to see all of the fun, myself.  The look on the youngsters’ faces as they slid down a makeshift “hill” of snow was priceless!  :o)


This sign directs visitors to the snow-covered “hill”.

IMG_9459 5IMG_9465 2

There were squeals of delight as children soared down the snow “hill”.


There was a good turnout for Hilton Head Snow Day.


A ride on this mini-train was one of the activities at Hilton Head Snow Day.


Nature’s scenery from the amusement area.

IMG_9478 2

These Hilton Head Snow Day visitor’s came dressed in style.

Spartina 449

Spartina 449, a popular retailer offering handbags, jewelry, and other goodies, got its start on Daufuskie Island, just across Calibogue Sound from Hilton Head Island.  The Spartina 449 shop on Hilton Head Island was just a short walk from the celebration of snow, so I made a beeline in that direction.  Having a 20% off sale, I decided to treat myself to a pair of Fresh Water “Pearl Drop Hoop Earrings” that I’d had my eye on.  :o)


Spartina 449’s pretty Hilton Head location is framed between two towering palm trees.


I am enjoying my fresh water “Pearl Drop Hoop Earrings”. :o)

A Little Disney to My Day

What could make this day better?  A little bit of Disney, of course!  I had Dole Whip on my mind!  Parking in Neptune’s Shelter Cove area, I strolled over the foot bridge to the tucked away area that is a little slice of Disney; nearby Disney’s Hilton Head Resort’s snack bar.  Pineapple goodness awaited me, and did not disappoint. :o)


Neptune‘s statue stands watch over Hilton Head Island’s Shelter Cove Area.
This area sculpture icon also serves as a sundial.

A footbridge, with a beautiful view of Shelter Cove Harbour and Marina,
leads to Disney’s Hilton Head Resort.

My pineapple Dole Whip awaits at Disney’s Hilton Head Resort,
and other Disney destinations 
beckon from the sign in the background.

My date day had been fun.  I hope that you enjoyed going along with me. I would love to hear about your perfect “fun day” in the comments below!


CrackJelly Shrimp Salad




Shrimp, peeled

Olive Oil

Prepared salad, or make your own

Roasted sweet potato-optional

bacon, prepared-optional
(I use the no nitrate variety, precooked)

avocados sliced-optional

Ranch dressing, or dressing of your choice


Marinate shrimp in CrackJelly and a little olive oil for a few hours.

Prepare a salad of your choice.
Add roasted sweet potato, bacon and/or avocado, if desired.

Sauté shrimp in 1 Tablespoon of olive oil and extra CrackJelly until cooked.
Stir continually, as not to let the CrackJelly burn.
Place cooked shrimp over salad.

Add Ranch dressing (or your dressing choice) to pan drippings, mix until warm then drizzle over shrimp.


For more CrackJelly recipes, go to

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Thank you for reading!
I would love to hear about your perfect “fun day” in the comments!
May your days be blessed, and your taste buds happy!

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My summer supply of CrackJelly for our 2019 family reunion.
Read about our that Hilton Head family reunion, here.

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