Spring has Sprung, sort of, and so has the Mickey Cook-along

April 16, 2018

Spring has Sprung, sort of,
and so has the Mickey Cook-along


Enjoying the nice Saturday spring day on my deck,
with my Mickey cookbook and in my new It’s a Small World tank top.
I bought the top on Etsy here.

Saturday-Ahhh….the comforting sound of our lawnmower serenades me, as the scent of new-cut grass wafts in through my open window.  Bright yellow daffodils, and petite grape hyacinths, in my favorite color, have begun to decorate my yard’s landscape. Spring has FINALLY arrived!  (and to think that just five days ago the sight of snowflakes falling from the sky greeted my eyes!)


Bright yellow daffodils bloom in my yard.


A lone grape hyacinth blooms among the remnants of last autumn.

Monday-Our spring temperatures in the 70’s were short-lived, it seems. Along with the rain that came on Sunday and today, came lower temperatures. Such is spring.  :o)
I know that much of the northern midwest saw snow this weekend!


The thermometer out my kitchen window today shows me that Saturday’s 70+ degree weather were short-lived.


My son-in-law playfully makes a snow angel on Saturday,
during their snowstorm in Minnesota.


A photo of a warmer spring day past.
This is me as a youngster, enthusiastically gathering
purple-colored Sweet Williams/wildflowers.

 Spring IS on the way, my dear blog friends! It really is! Mix up this refreshing beverage below, in the mean time, dreaming of warmer days.  :o)

Mickey Recipe Cook-along

Version 2

The vintage Cooking with Mickey Around Our World cookbook,
will be used in a series of I’m Annette blog posts.
I will work my way from the front to the back of this classic 1986 cookbook,
preparing the 
Disney creations that interest me,
while changing recipes when necessary, and/or to my liking.


 Tavern Lemon Sherbet Punch is my second recipe choice from Cooking with Mickey Around Our World . This festive dessert-like beverage was once served at the Liberty Tree Tavern in the Magic Kingdom. I could not locate lemon sherbet at my local supermarket, so I changed this recipe to an orange punch, using orange sherbet and orange juice, rather than lemon sherbet and lemon juice. :o)


Gather the ingredients for this fruity punch, including some ice.

Tavern Sherbet Punch



1/4 cup orange juice

1 quart orange sherbet

1 quart club soda



Fresh orange

Fresh strawberry



Blend orange juice, sherbet, and club soda thoroughly.
( I used my hand blender for this.)

Serve at once over ice in stemmed glasses.

Garnish each glass with one orange slice.

Serve with straw,
garnishing each straw with one fresh strawberry. 

Makes a half gallon, or about 12 5-ounce servings.

Annette’s note-This pretty punch was yummy!
My hubby and I both enjoyed this sweet treat as an afternoon snack.
I am thinking that as a dinner beverage, it might be a bit heavy.


Other Mickey Cook-along Recipes

Click on the recipe’s name to be taken to the recipe’s blog post.

Caddy Cooler

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Kali wishes everyone a happy and warm spring!

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15 Responses to Spring has Sprung, sort of, and so has the Mickey Cook-along

  1. bwbuttons@q.com says:

    Thanks for the Mickey cocktail drink, maybe add some vodka for those more daring!


  2. Greg says:

    Those look delicious! Hoping that was the last cool snap you’ll have for awhile!


  3. Jenny Sharpe says:


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  4. marjorie mattson says:

    Always loved that picture of you picking Sweet Williams. That sherbet drink looks so pretty and good. That is really a cute Disney tank top. We have flurries again today!! We are so ready for Spring here for sure. Love you, Mom


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  10. Renee says:

    Oh I want to try this drink with the rum! Love these posts! Renee


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