The Easter Bunny and Mickey Mouse

March 31, 2018

The Easter Bunny and Mickey Mouse

Spring 1965 2

I am all decked out in white gloves and Easter finery in the Iowa spring of 1965, with my younger sister.

Happy Easter!  Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend! I’d like to share a couple Easter memories with you, beginning with these two photos of Easters’ past.  :o)
I remember as a youngster, my Easter attire was not complete without a new pair of pristine white gloves, as the photo above can attest!

Easter Dresses 1967

Matching Easter dresses, times three.
My mother, sister, and me (on the right).
March 26, 1967


The matching dress trend of the 1960’s is demonstrated by our 1967 Easter attire in the photo above. I giggle at my former self, looking particularly unhappy, possibly due to the fact that my hair was teased up high (I was never a fan.) for the photo. :o)

To read a previous Easter post with additional vintage photos, click here.

Swiss Chocolate for Easter

In March 2013, my hubby and I embarked on, what would be two and a half years, of living overseas.  Feeling somewhat out of my element as I boarded the plane, pondering my future, I smiled when we were greeted onboard by a couple of cute and yummy Lindt Easter bunnies from the Swiss chocolatier. 

2013-03-28 10.40.43.jpg

Chocolate Lindt bunnies awaited us on our flight overseas in March 2013.

We found that chocolate plays a big part in the Swiss Easter celebration, when traveling to Switzerland in late March 2015.  We witnessed impressive Easter displays in supermarkets, and culinary works of art in local chocolatier’s windows.


Bunnies, chocolate, and chocolate bunnies abound at Easter time in this Swiss supermarket.


Rather have a chocolate frog?  They have that, too!


Chocolate artists work their magic in the store windows, for customers to see.


Chocolate bunnies in all shapes and sizes march in rows.


At this chocolate store in a train station, a giant chocolate bunny stands guard.

How It Goes With My Broken-leg Adventure 

I have happily been bootless for 24 days now!  Thanks to physical therapy, I am slowly ridding the limp from my step, regaining my balance, and relearning to descend the stairs.

IMG_1806 2

 Physical Therapy is helping me to get back to my “pre-break” self.

I find that I still tire easily, as my body is slowly transitioning back to my former energy level. Right now, a mere hour trip to the grocery store feels like I just put in a long day of park hopping at Walt Disney World. :o)


My red exercise stretch band with list of exercises sits on the table behind Kali.
I exercise as I/we watch TV, such as the NCAA basketball finals.

The First Recipe of my Mickey Recipe Cook-along

Today I begin my Mickey recipe quest, as I prepare creations that interest me, throughout the vintage Cooking with Mickey Around Our World cookbook.
I will begin working my way from the front, changing recipes to my liking.
My inaugural recipe comes from the now defunct
Disney Inn‘s
Garden Gallery.  
The Disney Inn is now the location for Shades of Greenreserved for the Armed Forces and their families, with the Garden Gallery still around “to serve”. (Yes, that was a pun! :o))

Cooking with Mickey Around Our World cookbook


This recipe has only three ingredients, plus ice!

Caddy Cooler



1/2 cup orange juice 

2 Tablespoons pineapple juice

2/3 cup (6 ounces) frozen strawberries
(Use frozen strawberries with sugar variety-see Annette’s note, below)

1/2 cup crushed ice



Mix juices, strawberries and crushed ice in blender for 15-30 seconds.

Serve in glass with straw.

Says serves one, but enough for two small drinks.

Cookbook note-can be doubled in a blender.

Annette’s note-Sour!
I am guessing that the frozen strawberries WDW used “back in the day”,
had been frozen with sugar variety.
I did not wish to add sugar to my already prepared recipe, so I added extra pineapple juice.
I am sure that this changed the original taste, though.

Not bad. Guessing this would be much better with sugared strawberries.

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Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

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  1. Jenny Sharpe says:

    Happy Easter Annette, and all the family. Love Jenny

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  2. greg says:

    The Caddy Cooler looks delicious and the photos of Easters past (teased-up hair and all) were adorable! Have a great Easter Annette!


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