Annette’s Excellent European Adventure: France

April 12, 2014

 Annette’s Excellent European Adventure: France


Dale and I enjoy the sights on the main street of Thann,
in France.

 I have come to love the pretty village of Thann, in the Alsace region of France. I count myself fortunate to have been able to join my hubby on business trips here on several occasions. Dale’s company’s plant in Thann is home to the oldest chemical plant in Europe. In fact, proudly displayed on the plant walls is a document signed by Napoleon, approving the establishment of the plant in 1808!


Napoleon signed this document in 1808.

Thann’s web site, here, states, In 1808, Philippe-Charles Kestner from Hanover established a chemical business in Thann to answer to the needs of the textile industry. This chemical factory, which operates on the original site, is now the oldest chemical plant in Europe.

 Our time spent in Thann was enjoyable, as always.  In addition to walking around the town, taking in the local beauty, I also visited the local stores, always while making sure that I allowed for the daily mid-day closures. (Everyone, including school children, go home to eat their noon time meal.) One day, while shopping in a local dress shop, a woman began speaking happily to me in French. I replied, in English, that I was sorry, but I did not speak French. Then she stopped short and spoke to the shopkeeper. In English, the shopkeeper explained to me that the woman had mistaken me for someone else. The next day, a similar exchange happened with a man, also mistaking me for someone else. So, it must be true; maybe everyone does have a twin somewhere in the world! Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to meet my French “twin”. :o(


Do I have a unrelated “twin” living in Thann?
To read an article about the “twin” theory, click here

 It is at this point that I must make a confession. I have a photography crush on Thann! (Yes, it’s a real thing! I saw it on the Internet.) While there, something new always catches my eye, and the sights that I enjoyed before, change with each season and visit. Please, join me on a photo tour of my recent, March 2015, stay in this picturesque village, below.
To read my 2013 post on France, please click here.

 Our Hotel


 The front entrance to our Thann hotel.


 Staying at the Hotel du Parc is always an enjoyable experience. Some famous guest have been in residence here, including Charles de Gaulle, former prime minister of France and WWII general. 


Enjoying our hotel room view of the Rangen de Thann vineyards on the hill,
awaking from the winter slumber.

 The Sights

 The Vineyard and River 


The Rangen de Thann Vineyards, known for their fine Riesling wine


The Witch’s Eye, ruins from the 13th century Engelbourg Castle,
stands watch over the vineyards.
Read more about it here.


A village sign announces the Thur River. 


With the Vosges Mountains in the background, the Thur River flows through Thann.


 The Witch’s Tower, on the left, was built in the 1400’s as part of the old town wall, with the roof that was added in the 1600’s, overlooks the Thur River. 


 Colorful houses sit on the Thur River and near the local vineyards.


The Cathedral: St Theobald’s Church


The catherdral dominates the Thann landscape.


 The imposing gothic cathedral proudly stands on the main street of Thann.



Construction of the cathedral began in the 1300’s.



 The organ is impressive, and the high ceilings, pillars, and stain glassed windows adorn inside, as well.

To read more about St. Theobald’s click here.

 The Tastes

At times, Dale and I found ordering food a challenge in Thann. Neither Dale, nor myself, read, or speak, French. All menus being written in French, and most locals not knowing English, we became somewhat of an amusement to the local wait staffs in our attempts to order food. Fortunately, through their patience, we were usually able to decipher enough to order.

Dale and I also found dining times in France different than those when we were in Germany. While in Bacharach, it was not yet the height of the season. Many restaurants were not open, and those that were, closed at 5:30 pm. In other words, if we wanted to eat dinner, we had to eat by 5:00 pm. Fast forward to Thann, where dinner is not served before 7:00, or 7:30 pm in all of the local restaurants. Needless to say, we had to readjust our stomachs/dining clocks to a bit later. :o)

 You can read about our trip to Germany here.

A cute café on Thann’s main street serves up tasty breakfasts and lunches.


Menu easels annouce the day’s menu (in French) up and down the Main Street.


The placemats at Au Petit Rangun were fun, saying
“A Pierrier with fine bubbles!”.


This quiche at Au Petit Rangen was delicous!
Please, excuse the blurred photo.
I was just so excited to dig in! :o)
Although, French, quiche is seen less frequently in this Alsace part of the country.


Croissants at Au Petit Rangen are wonderful!


 The server at the Le Caseus Café recommended the sausage and sauerkraut plate to Dale, an Alsace dish. I enjoyed this yummy quiche.


 Dale, shown here, and I had several meals at the restaurant of Aux Sapins.


 The Alsace “pizza” Tarte flambée was yummy there.


The desserts at Aux Sapins were always a treat!

Often the desserts were a work of art! 


 Dale and I always did a double-take when we saw a dog in a restaurant, a not uncommon practice in France. We were always amazed at how well behaved these four-footed patrons were!  



 A gentleman enjoys his coffee and newspaper while his dog rests nearby.


We did not see this cute dog until their party got up to leave.

 Thanks for reading! :O)


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I love it that Perrier is offered in cans and in vending machines throughout France!

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  1. Donna and Tony says:

    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you are having a good time.

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  2. says:

    Enjoyed all the familiar photos of Thann.
    Was very nice Annette, brought back many fond memories.



  3. Patti Leestma says:

    Wow! The food does look great! Thanks for sharing.


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