An Ideal Lazy, Cozy, Winter Afternoon

January 25, 2015

Van Johnson, Me (Well, my head, anyway, Esther Williams lays claim to the rest.), and John Lund, ski in the fun winter film, Duchess in Idaho (1950).

Don’t you just love the look of new fallen snow, all pure and white, as the frozen crystals glint in the sunlight?


The sight of the glittery, vanilla drifts may beckon some to the blanketed ski slopes, but for me, it just makes me want want to curl up all snug in my house by the fireplace.


With a winter wonderland just outside the window, what a luxury it is when I can enjoy an unencumbered afternoon inside all snug and warm, free from schedules, chores, and responsibilities.




The Essentials

Before settling into a day of restful winter bliss, one must gather together a few necessary essentials. (Essentials are proceeded by an asterisk*.)

My blankets of choice on this winter day are of the fuzzy variety, the kind that makes you want to snuggle under and get cozy.

A fuzzy blanket and my furry friend, Kali

(A quick aside: In addition to snuggly, fuzzy blankets, I am also a fan of the texture and feel of those wonderful silky sheets and sumptuous bedding that my hubby and I have encountered at some of the nicer hotels on our travels. I have been unable to locate anything comparable to them here in the states, but recently I read about a company called Parachute Home who is now selling them. The founder, Ariel Kaye, returned from overseas, and like me, was unable to find the luxurious sheets.  Her solution?  She started her own company.)
To read Ms. Kaye’s story, and view her merchandise, click here.

*The Eats

If one is having a special day, there must be some fun treats on the menu.  Although, I am normally an unsweetened iced tea girl, a winter day often calls for something of the warmer variety.  I often opt for a cup of black hot tea, made with my favorite Barry’s Tea.

To read about how I discovered Barry’s Tea, click on the link here.


I am a Barry’s Tea fan!

Other options for warm beverages are hot apple cider, or hot chocolate.
Click on the links below for the recipes.

For another delicious hot chocolate option, use a packet of Trader Joe’s Instant Organic Hot Cocoa Mix, but instead of making it with water, as directed on the packet, make it with warm milk.

Make Trader Joe’s hot chocolate mix with milk.

And if your calorie count can afford it, add some freshly made chocolate chips cookies
Yummy, Grandma Westphal’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Click on the link below for my Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

The First Snow

Mid-November of 1997, our family moved from Houston, Texas to Ashtabula County, Ohio.  All four of our children were born in Houston (actually Webster, Texas), so our new home’s winter snow was something new and exciting (at least in the beginning). When arriving in Northeast Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie, we were greeted by our first of many snowfalls in the snow belt.  Bounding from the car, our children were eager to touch the white stuff.  After a minute of exploration, our youngest, Chandler, who was age three at the time, began to cry.  It seems that the little guy had expected that the snow would be just like ice cream.  Upon a quick taste, Chandler disappointedly found out otherwise. :o( It also quickly became apparent that we must head straight to the store to purchase coats, hats, mittens, and boots, because coming from Texas we owned none of these items!)

Chandler, age three, in 1997, not long before
our moving to the snow belt of Ohio. 

*A Suggested Essential

I have a friend who has perfected the true art of the ideal, cozy afternoon. In fact, she was the one who gave me the cocoa packet (and the add milk hint) and the great mug shown in the photo above. (Thank you, Jodi!) She insists that in addition to having some sweet treat and/or beverage, wearing pjs is a must. To quote Jodi, “Pajamas increase the experience 1000% !!!!”

I have yet to try wearing pjs on my cozy day, (I never know who may be dropping by during the day.) but I do have two sets of pjs handy when the opportunity presents itself. My old flannel ski pants set, and my new scottie dog set.  I received the scottie dog jams at Christmas from my daughter and son-in-law.  Aren’t they cute?

Ski flannel pjs and scottie dog pjs

*The Most Essential! :o)

My ideal lazy, cozy, winter afternoon would not be complete without including a few of my favorite winter-worthy dvds.

 A stack of winter-worthy dvds

Lucy Goes to Sun Valley ( 1958),
The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour: Season 1, Episode 5

After the iconic I Love Lucy show’s six-season run, then came The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, that was a series of thirteen one-hour shows. Each episode still featured Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred, plus a special celebrity guest star.

Fernando Lamas is the guest star in the Lucy Goes to Sun Valley episode.  This trip to Sun Valley was to be a Lucy and Ricky’s second honeymoon, but a television appearance for Ricky scuttles the plans.  Lucy and Ethel use the reservations, instead, and when they discover that Lamas is there, too, the fun begins.

Fun fact for ya-Fortunately, a double was used in the scene depicting Lucy skiing, because Lucille Ball”s double ended up with a broken leg!

Click on the link below to watch this fun Lucy episode.
Lucy and Fernanado Lama in Lucy Goes to Sun Valley.

Don’t Trip Over That Mountain (1963),
The Dick Van Dyke Show Season 2, Episode 22

Novice skier, Dick Van Dyke can not wait to hit the slopes for the first time, despite his wife, Laura’s, misgivings about his outing.  Unfortunately, the adventure turns into disaster (well, not too much of a disaster), and Dick must hide his ski injuries from his wife.

Click on the link below to watch this enjoyable Dick Van Dyke episode.

Dick Van Dyke practices his skiing prowess in his living room in
Don’t Trip Over That Mountain.

Ski Party (1965)

Okay, I guess you could call watching this beach movie, but on skis, a guilty pleasure, but who cares?  I love this movie!  It is light, funny, and features Frankie Avalon and Dwayne Hickman, who spend part of the movie disguised as British co-eds in an attempt to learn how to ski to impress the girls .

Ski Party is one of my favorite winter-time flicks.

Deborah Walley, Frankie Avalon, Dwanye Hickman
and Aron Kincaid star in Ski Party.

For a few interesting tidbits about Ski Party and the Beach Party franchise,
click on this link

Leslie Gore sings the upbeat “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows”
Click on the link below to hear Leslie Gore sing this song.

One of the highlights of Ski Party is the rousing performance
of “(I Got You)I Feel Good” by James Brown, The Godfather of Soul.

Click on the link below to hear James Brown, and check out his amazing footwork.

The James Brown Connection

My first year of teaching, in 1980, I was as a fourth grade teacher
in Winnsboro, South Carolina.
I have many memories of my rookie year, but one in particular pertains to
James Brown.  I remember one of my homeroom students (pictured below)
telling me that his cousin was thee James Brown!  I am sorry that I
did not ask more questions, at the time!

A photo of me, next to my 1980-1981(YIKES!)
Everett Community School class.

Other Winter Movies

For a list of other wintertime movie suggestions, including Duchess in Idaho ,in the top photo, click on the link here.

White Christmas (1954)

OR you could always watch White Christmas, because anytime is a good time to watch a classic Christmas movie!

Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kaye, and Vera-Ellen (her voice was dubbed by Trudy Stevens  in this song)
sing “Snow” in the movie White Christmas.
Click on the link below for a clip of this scene.

Free “Snow” Printable from White Christmas

White Christmas has several memorable lines, many from its repertoire of great songs. I currently have this printable, on my entry table. (The song above provided the inspiration for this printable.) It is appropriate for January.  You can print one ,too!( below )

A quote from the White Christmas song,
“Snow”, sits in my entryway.

White Christmas Print.jpg
Click the quote above and print this on an 8×10 piece

For another White Christmas printable, “Count your blessings instead of sheep.”,click on the link


Kali is having her own ideal, lazy, cozy afternoon.

Thank you to my children! To Trevor, for his assistance with the top photo, and to Martese for the White Christmas printable.

Thanks so much for reading! :o)


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Winter photo of my front door.


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