Happily Eating My Way Through the Minnesota State Fair

September 14, 2017

Happily Eating My Way Through the Minnesota State Fair

IMG_0150 (1)

I was happy to find Dole Whip,
always my snack of choice when at Walt Disney World (note my Mickey cap),
for sale at the Minnesota State Fair. YUM!

“Would you like to go to the Minnesota State Fair, while you are here Labor Day Weekend?”, my daughter asked over the phone a couple of weeks before our visit.  My husband, son, and I all agreed that the state fair sounded fun.  And it was!

The Strategy


My husband, son in-law, daughter, and son are all poised to begin our
Minnesota State Fair Food “Crawl“. 

Mike, our son in-law, had plotted out our food eating strategy for the fair before we arrived, he and our daughter having scoped out the 2017 state fair on an earlier visit.
This proved to be an effective, and tasty,  plan for our culinary ” fair crawl”.
Please join me on a photo tour of some of our fair eats. For a written list and description of all of the treats the fair has to offer, click the food finder here.

The Eats

IMG_0278 (1).jpgIMG_0277 (1)IMG_0124.jpg

First stop was for Cinnie Smiths/Minis.  I opted for the pecan variety.
Made on the spot (see the not so great photo above), they were yummy!


Green Mill‘s Pizzarito and Pizza got our male contingent’s seal of approval.


I had to try the famous fried twinkie.
I was not a fan. :o(


Martese, a major pineapple fan, enjoyed a Manny’s Torta‘s, non-alcoholic,
pina colada, served up in a fresh hollowed-out pineapple.

IMG_0138 (1)IMG_0140IMG_0340IMG_0141

One of the more popular food spots at the fair was the corn roast stand,
and with good reason. It was delicious!


My daughter and I were especially excited to finally get to the Dole Whip stand!
It was my favorite fair food of the day.


MinneSnowii Shave Ice was a cool mid-day snack.


A must at the Minnesota State Fair is a batch of freshly baked
Sweet Martha’s Cookies. (Don’t worry, we only bought one bucket/jar full.)
They made a yummy end to our state fair visit.

A Few Sights (In-between Eating) Around the Fair

IMG_0269 (1)

Dale and I pose in front of the large Minnesota sign at the fair,
a popular photo op.


This oversized french fry carton is one of many interesting signs advertising
food at the fair.

IMG_0187 (1).jpg 

The University of Minnesota marching band play a snappy tune as they lead the fair parade.


An interesting view of the Sky glider from below.

IMG_0169The crowds had become large by early afternoon.IMG_0143

Our Minnesota hosts (our daughter and son in-law) for the Labor Day weekend mapped out our visit to the Minnesota State Fair perfectly.

To read blog posts about previous trips to Minnesota, click here,
and here for a post that includes the recipe for Minnesota Wild Rice Soup.

To read about my trip to the Iowa State Fair, click here.

Sending thoughts and prayers to all of those affected by the recent hurricanes.

As always, thanks for reading,

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IMG_0205 (1).jpg
Dale and I take a nap after our Minnesota State Fair outing. :o)

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  1. Jenny Sharpe says:

    How wonderful Annette. Love the nap at the end! Xxx

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