Runaway Fried Chicken and Terrifying Cucumber Crocodile!



November 20, 2021

Runaway Fried Chicken and a Terrifying Cucumber Crocodile!

 Having some fun, cooking up a couple of tasty treats.
On the left, Sallie Ann’s Runaway Fried Chicken and
on the right, Jenny’s/Vincent Price’s Cucumber Crocodiles


One of the fun perks of being a (hobby) blogger is meeting new friends!  I met Sallie Ann in 2018, after connecting over her interesting cookbooks filled with mouth-watering recipes. You can read more about our meeting, here. You can read even more about the amazing Sallie Ann in these two previous posts here, and here.
After posting Sallie Ann’s recipe for Runaway Fried Chicken in my last blog post, I knew that I just had to give her chicken a try!  It was delicious!  (I did deviate from Sallie Ann’s original recipe by using chicken thighs purchased at my local grocer’s for my poultry creation, whereas Sallie Ann’s original recipe used chickens that her family had raised.)

Sallie Ann’s Runaway Fried Chicken recipe was delicious!
See Sallie Ann’s website, here.

Who said you can’t play with your food? Not me!  Neither does my blogging friend, Jenny!  
In fact, she recently hosted a Cucumber Crocodile Creation Contest to launch her newest cookbook 
Supper with the Stars with your host Vincent Price, co-authored with Peter Fuller.  
Find Vincent Price’s recipe for this crocodile creation, here.  Using Mr. Price’s instructions, I made an attempt at the CCCC/Cucumber Crocodile Creation Contest.  You can see my entry, below.  
Winner, or not, it was great fun to join in!

 Supper with the Stars with your host Vincent Price 
is Jenny’s (co-authored with Peter Fuller) 
movie star cookbook.
Her happy blog is here.

My attempt at a Vincent Price-inspired Cucumber Croc



I’ve mentioned this before, but I LOVE fall!  Autumn’s colors are such a delight, and it is such a cozy time of year. In honor of fall, I’d like to share with you, below, a few photos taken in the past couple of weeks.  :o)

My friend recently shared this delightful photo with me.  (Thank you, Julie!)
Her granddaughter, in Iowa, is enjoying a”shower” of colorful leaves. 

Winterberries are a colorful autumn sight at my local hiking area.

The orange and yellow leaves of the Maple trees line this local road .

Enjoying the spectacular fall colors in my neighborhood, as I set out on my daily walk.

 Cooking with Gammy


 Gammy time in November means exploring turkeys, pumpkins, pilgrims, and the Mayflower.  :o)

Turkey Donuts 

Always a hit with my “grands” (grandchildren), are these simple biscuit donuts.
The youngsters enjoy cutting out the middle of the biscuits.  (I fry them in hot oil, safely away from the little ones.)  You can find the recipe, here.

The youngsters cut out the middle of the biscuits.

Using another blogger’s instructions, for turkey cinnamon rolls (find those instructions here), as my guide, my 2 year-old grand set out to create her own turkey donut.

A turkey donut in the creation process.

A turkey donut complete


Turkey Crafts

Construction paper turkey

Handprint turkey

The Mayflower

A whole fleet of chocolate donut Mayflowers set anchor in my kitchen.  This food craft is an annual favorite at my house and takes just three ingredients: mini chocolate donuts, stick pretzels, and fruit roll ups.  Paper is used for the sail.  For instructions, go here.

Mayflower donuts

Mayflower Craft


Pumpkin Cupcakes

Baking up a pumpkin cake recipe, here, into cupcakes was met with smiles.
Once the cupcakes were baked and cooled, they were frosted and decorated and ready for eating.  :o)

Preparing the batter

The cupcakes were iced with cream cheese frosting and decorated with candy corn.

Enjoying the finished product!  :o)


Made Me Smile  :o)

Mixing Bowls

If you are a fan to the British TV program The Great British Baking Show on Netflix, like I am, then you will recognize the iconic bowl in the photo below and in the stirring cupcakes photo above.
The pretty and functional Mason Cash mixing bowls are the unsung star of this show!

Unfortunately, both of my smaller mixing bowls recently went to that “great baking kitchen in the hereafter”, and I had been making do without.  A couple of weeks ago, I was shopping at our local grocer, when I spotted it!  There it was!  A smaller variety Mason Cash mixing bowl!  Wow!  And to make the discovery even better,  it was almost half the price of others that I had seen online!  
This treasure went home with me!  :o)

My Mason Cash mixing bowl makes me (almost) feel like a contestant on 
The Great British Baking Show!

Wedding Bells

I am a mama bursting with pride as I share this photo of my youngest son and his wife on their wedding day!  They were married in a beautiful beach ceremony on October 23.  What a joyous celebration it was for this great couple! Congratulations Elisa and Chandler!!!

What a happy occasion!  
Thank you to the sister of the bride for the use of this lovely photo!


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Thank you for reading I’m Annette!

May your days be blessed, and your taste buds happy!



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