Beach Love

September 14, 2018

Beach Love


I enjoy an early morning stroll on the beach.
Yes, those ARE my flip flops tethered to my rockin’
Vera Bradley fanny pack!
(Hey, if The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, can use a fanny pack, so can I! :o))

It is, perhaps, ironic that I type up this blog post just as Hurricane Florence makes herself heard, as it was just last week that I was loving the paradise of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Saying my prayers for all those in Florence’s path.

Photos, I have photos!

I have been know to snap a photo, or two, or a hundred, while vacationing.  So thankful that we no longer have to rely on, and pay for, photo developing at the local Fox Photo . (Yes, I am THAT old!) I share with you a few of my photos taken during a relaxing week that Dale and I spent in Hilton Head.  

Beach Critters


IMG_6523 2

One morning we were treated to the sight of several dolphins casually
swimming by, close to shore.



Sandpipers, seagulls, and pelicans are frequently spotted on the beach.



Not really a critter, but the remnants of something once living in the sea.
If you can identify this, please let me know in the comments.

Sea Turtles


Arriving early at the beach one morning,
I was delighted to see a crowd watching a baby sea turtle make its way to the ocean.
My first baby sea turtle sighting on the beach! :o)


Rod, a volunteer, was there to make sure that no one touched the baby turtle.


Touching a baby sea turtle will make it unable to find its way back to its home beach to nest.


My friend, Laura, gave me this magnet last week.
Read more about Hilton Head’s sea turtles, here.

Morning on the Beach/Sunrise 


Hello Morning!


Each morning my hubby and I walked the beach.


Well actually, Dale jogged the beach, while I walked.


The sea oats, blowing in the sea breeze, were the first to greet us each morning as we approached the beach.


We watched the Beach Patrol set up the chairs and umbrellas for rent.


Hilton Head’s sand, near the water, is hard packed.
Some choose to ride bikes on Hilton Head’s beach. 


We were happy to see a rainbow one morning while walking.

IMG_6592 2

A couple of days later, we were thrilled to see this double rainbow!


We were fortunate to enjoy the uncrowded beach first thing each morning.
Just beautiful!

Beach Hair

IMG_6593 2

Bozo the Clown (beach) hair!   (I) Don’t care.  :o)
A small price to pay for a glorious walk on the beach each morning.

Sunset on the Beach

Evenings took Dale and me to a different Hilton Head beach to walk and take in the breath taking sunsets.


A quiet beach setting to view the sunset.


A boardwalk served as a good vantage point to view the evenings’ sunsets.


Doesn’t this remind you of Gilligan’s Island?


Colorful sunsets


A pleasant way to end the day!

Found this fun and informative read about Hilton Head, here

The Miracle of the Internet

True story!

On May 18, 2011, I wrote a Facebook message to cookbook author Sallie Ann Robinson.  You can see part of that message below.


Part of my original 2011 message to Sallie Ann Robinson.

On June 15th of this year, seven years later, I received a reply!  It seems that Sallie Ann rarely gets on Facebook.  :o) After computer chatting, I found that the recipe for Daufuskie Deviled Crab does not appear in the cookbook, as it is a family secret, but that Sallie Ann often whips up a batch to sell.


Sallie Ann’s first cookbook, with a touching forward written by her former Daufuskie Island teacher and acclaimed author Pat Conroy.
Pat Conroy wrote the book The Water is Wide about his experience as a teacher on Daufuskie.  The book was later made into the film Conrack.

Daufuskie Island is about an hour ferry boat ride from
Hilton Head Island.

I have had this copy of Sallie Ann’s cookbook on
my bookshelf for years.
Maybe one of these days I can get her to sign it for me.

We “chatted” back and forth for a bit, with me mentioning that I would be in Hilton Head around Labor Day.  Sallie Ann said to get in touch with her if I wanted to purchase some of her famous deviled crabs, as we might be able to work something out.


Author Sallie Ann, with her million dollar smile, shows me her newest book.

Check out Sallie Ann’s website, here.

To make a long story short, Sallie Ann and I were able to meet.  She is a true delight!  


Sallie Ann and I found that we have a lot in common, including our love for cooking, love of the Hilton Head area, our outlook on life, our sense of humor, and we are the same age (just youngsters)!


Sallie Ann’s Deviled Crabs were super yummy!


There were NO leftovers that night!


On my wishlist for years, I finally purchased  this Spartina 449 handbag on my May trip to Hilton Head Island.
You can see both Hilton Head Island and Daufuskie Island featured on the bag.
The Spartina 449 company got its start on Daufuskie Island.



Dale and I have become fans of the classic oldies radio station
106.5 Pure Oldies on Hilton Head, playing tunes from the
1950’s and 60’s. Gotta love hearing The Beach Boys while headed to the beach!


There are many great places to eat on the Island.  Here are a few of my favorites from this trip.

Big Jim’s


I am a mega-fan of Big Jim’s Classic Breakfast Sandwich
(egg, bacon, cheddar cheese on a fluffy biscuit)
with a tall cool glass of unsweetened iced tea.
An informal setting in Palmetto Dunes with a view of the
Robert Trent Jones Golf Course.

Hudson’s Seafood


Hudson’s has been a favorite on Hilton Head since 1967.
In fact, in 1980, I had my college graduation dinner here!
This place is still a good one!

Known for their hush puppies and fresh just-off-the-boat seafood.


Dale and I enjoy a late lunch out on the back deck.

Skull Creek Boathouse


On the same road as Hudson Seafood is Skull Creek Boathouse.
The view is beautiful.


The food is yummy!
 There is a lunch special of soup and half sandwich that can’t be beat!
The remoulade sauce on the shrimp po- boy is wonderful!

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21 Responses to Beach Love

  1. Donna and Tony says:

    Love the pictures! ________________________________


  2. Oh Annette, this is a good one! So neat to see your Hilton Head paradise and hear the details and love and glee in your post! And you guys are not even retired yet! ENJOY!


  3. Marjorie Mattson says:

    Lots of great pictures.


  4. greg says:

    Stunningly beautiful photos…and I loved the story of you getting to meet up with Sally Ann! Very fun posting Annette!


  5. larry westphal says:

    Now I’m going to worry about you two! Are you safe there or do you need to head home? Oh, wait, Florence is heading north so that doesn’t help much …. keep me posted…..


  6. Renee kayser says:

    Looks divine! What a wonderful experience to see the author of your book.


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