Life in the not so Fast Lane, or How do you mend a broken heart leg?

January 19, 2018

Life in the NOT so Fast Lane,
or How do you Mend a 
Broken heart Leg?


I learn to get around on my nifty knee scooter clad in my “loose clothes”,
as Kali (dog) inspects the new device.

Dear Readers,
I wish for you a happy and healthy 2018!  My own 2018 has started out a bit differently than I had imagined, complete with a broken leg (my right one), thanks to a slip on the ice.  This means, no weight-bearing on the broken leg, now enveloped in a “stylish” orthopedic boot (in basic black, of course) for a total of four weeks! God willing, all will heal properly and I will then progress to walking in the boot for two additional weeks. Most likely, physical therapy will round out this medical scenario.



The crutches and I are not on friendly terms.

It became quite evident early on, that this pair of crutches and I were not going to be good friends.  Although, I have seen (on TV) countless football players on the NFL sidelines using these aids with ease, I realized that my upper arm strength was not comparable to theirs.  Not to mention, the keen balance one must possess while manuveuring this pair of disagreeable “pogo sticks”.

The Knee Scooter


A great invention: the knee scooter!

Fortunately, my doctor had the foresight to prescribe a knee scooter for me. Making my way around the house instantly became much easier, and less hazardous. ( You can buy them, but we opted for the much sturdier and better padded rental.) Did the inventor of the knee scooter win the Noble Prize?  He/she should have! (Note to self,  put the lock on each time I stop, so I do not inadvertently move!)


The knee scooter + pillows also makes a great prop for my leg when I am blogging! :o)

Other  Obstacles


My Mount Everest: the stairs.

In addition to the challenge of “walking” about, there are other obstacles.  I live in a two-story home with no shower downstairs, and our bed/bedroom upstairs.  


It is interesting how one’s perspective changes in the face of injury.  Our stairway to the second floor now suddenly seems comparable to scaling the face of Mount Everest! Scooting up (and down)  the stairs on my backside presented only half the battle. (Note to self, do not wait until I am tired to perform the herculean task of ascending the stairs!) Upon reaching the summit,  I then must hoist my way back up from the sitting position.  After much experimentation, my hubby and I devised a plan involving the use of a series of chairs/stools to get me back upright.

Bathroom and Shower

Bathrooms became more “broken leg accessible” with grab bars installed by Dale (Hubby) in the commode area. Also, with the addition of grab bars on the wall outside of the shower, a hand-held shower nozzle, and a shower chair, showering again became a possibility. (Everyone say Hooray! :o))

Getting comfortable


Double cushions help when sitting at the kitchen table.

I soon learned that getting comfortable might be a challenge. I found that first, loose clothing is a must for comfort and movability. The use of extra cushions on chairs to sit on, and pillows to prop up my leg are also very helpful.  In bed, placing a long pillow under my leg helps me to sleep, with a lightweight blanket over the top.


A pillow underneath my leg makes bedtime more comfortable.



The view from my kitchen window.

 I am basically housebound as I convalesce.  For the next few weeks, this is my new normal. I must confess, for the first few days I was rather weepy,  (I am not normally a weepy type of gal.) but as I have settled into my new daily routine, I am beginning to feel like my “old self” once again.  I have a lot to be thankful for. My husband has been a wonderful caretaker, my son has pitched in, too.  Through the miracle of Facebook I have had many well wishes, in addition to numerous calls, FaceTime, emails, texts, and snail mail from family and friends.  I have a wonderful view out my back window, as I gaze at the squirrels scurrying up the trees, and the birds flying carelessly about. Through the magic of television, I am entertained by the classic movies and classic TV programs that I love. Hey, I now even have time to delve into that 600 page John Wayne biography that I bought awhile back. The world is looking brighter!


I am currently on page 114 of this 600 page book.

Looking Ahead


I look ahead to the new year.

I have a couple things “on the stove” for this year, in regards to I’m Annette that I would like to share with you.

Guest Blogger

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.57.40 AM

Look, soon, for a guest blog by blogger and cookbook author Jenny Hammerton.
Her blog Silver Screen Suppers features classic movie stars’ recipes.
Jenny has written Cooking with Joan Crawford, a cookbook of classic stars,
and her new book, Cooking with Columbo , is soon to be for sale.
(I am proud to be in the acknowledgments for this book!)

Cooking with Mickey


In 2018, I/ I’m Annette  will be working my way through the vintage Disney cookbook
Cooking with Mickey Around Our World, the most requested recipe from
Walt Disney World and Disneyland.
I will share the recipes with you,
and give my feedback about Mickey’s creations.

No worries, I will still share other items such as travel and movie fun,
when the mood and moment strikes.



Still in the planning stages, I wish to create an e-cookbook, including those recipes that have been featured in this blog and more, so that I might share them with you,
my readers.

A blog post about having a broken leg, that I found helpful.


One week down and three to go!
I look forward to being two-footed once again.

Your prayers for my continued healing are much appreciated!

Thanks for reading,

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Version 2

 This cheerful bouquet of flowers sits on my kitchen counter.
They were a gift from my hubby after my mishap.


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12 Responses to Life in the not so Fast Lane, or How do you mend a broken heart leg?

  1. Jenny Sharpe says:

    Well done Annette for accepting your situation and moving forward in a positive way.

    Keep being amazing Annette, the time will pass. Love the blog.


  2. Debra Makol says:

    Sounds like you’ve figured out how to manage the obstacles your faced with. Best wishes ahead Annette. Oh,and when you get REAL comfortable on your scooter…don’t speed. I almost wiped out going to fast on a turn in public. I would of won on America’s funniest video .


    • oltimetv says:

      Thank you! Yes, things are slowly getting easier. :o) Thanks for your warning. I will repress any speed demon tendencies. ha Thank you for all your helpful hints. Thanks for reading!


  3. Oh, Annette! I’m so sorry you had such a horrible injury and a challenging recovery! I love your humor and positive attitude, despite the obstacles you face in your circumstances. I SO appreciate you reaching out to me and mentioning my blog. Here’s to A FULL RECOVERY and being ever so careful walking on ice!


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